Dallas Woodhouse, Brad Woodhouse Dallas Woodhouse, Brad Woodhouse

Maybe all these cable news talking heads need to calm down is a stern talking to from their mothers.

A pair of politically opposite brothers, Brad and Dallas Woodhouse, were going at it on the C-SPAN call-in show Washington Journal when they got an unexpected call from a surprise guest.

The show's host said, "Let's go to Joy, from Raleigh, North Carolina," to the delight of one of the brothers, who exclaimed, "Hey! Somebody from down South!"

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The voice on the other end of the line said, "You're right, I'm from down South."

Instantly, one of the brothers said, "Oh God, it's Mom," and put his head in his hands in embarrassment. 

Mom wasn't calling to debate whatever political subject her two sons were talking about. All she wanted was to make sure that her two sons got this arguing out of their systems before they visitedher for Christmas.

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"I would really like a peaceful Christmas, and I love you both," she said. "They're both very passionate about what they believe in, and I love that about them. But I hope they just kinda get this out of their system today on your program."

Watch the exchange below: