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While Modern Family is still contemplating an offer from Australia to come film an episode Down Under, the ABC comedy is planning a trip closer to its L.A. home base. "It's looking like we probably will do an episode where everybody goes to Las Vegas," reveals executive producer Chris Lloyd. "It's at the seventy-five percent stage now, but I believe we will go there. We're putting some finishing touches on that now." Can't you picture Gloria at the slots? Or Phil marveling at the Bellagio dancing waters fountain?

Modern Family was just nominated for its fifth Golden Globe for Best Comedy Series and also saw the cast nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Best Comedy Ensemble Award. Looking back at the show's storylines of the past year, Lloyd is particularly proud of Modern Family's event episodes. "Though the episode where Mitch and Cam proposed was anticipated, I think the way we handled that was effective," he says. "And prior to that, the episode where Gloria gave birth was different from other births we've seen."

Modern Family's next big event will be Mitch and Cam's wedding, planned for May sweeps. But before then, the show will throw a splashy bachelor party for the grooms. "That will probably come in March or April," says Lloyd. "There's a lot of pressure on Mitch and Cam because they feel they are setting the new standard for the gay bachelor party. And as for the wedding itself, our challenge is to find a way to be different."

Lloyd says he may pull experiences from a gay wedding he hosted in his own home. Says the EP, "I remember a lot of fussing about how the chairs were oriented."

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