Top Model Goes to the Great Wall With Heather now a mere memory in the competition (though the fans don't seem too thrilled about that one), the final four ladies say bye-bye to Shanghai and get ready to movie into their new home in Beijing. But now these girls face their toughest photo shoot yet. Think warrior theme, Great Wall of China and Tyra playing photog! Watch it now! |

More online videos "We Didn't Start the Fire" Meets Web 2.0 These days, you can barely make it through a single conversation without someone throwing in the buzzword Web 2.0. But with all this Facebook-Digg-Mebo mania, doesn't that just beg the question, when is "Bubble 2.0" going to burst? What better way to address the issue than a hilarious parody of the Billy Joel classic that touches on everything from 23-year-old billionaires, blogging while you're having sex- to even blogging about this song. Please, who would waste their time blogging about that? More online videos Dancing with the Stars Spin-off: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann What a year for DWTS. In fact, the brains over at ABC have decided it did so well that they'd better jump on the spin-off train while they still can. And what did they come up with? Dance War, the search for America's hottest young entertainers - we're talking ones who can sing and dance. And once they make the cut, it's Team Bruno vs. Team Carrie Ann. Which side will you be on? Watch it now! | More online videos Project Runway Does a Little Shopping Looks like the designers are gonna have to make it work yet again this week. But they all better learn to play nice pretty quick since it's a team challenge (don't hold your breath on that one). We're rooting for little Christian's "team star" because, as he so graciously puts it, "Team star is, like, celebrity." Watch it now! | More online videos Gossip Girl Goes High Society You probably didn't think it was possible for the Gossip Girl crew to be even more upper-crust than they already are, but think again. Turns out these social elites on the Upper East Side are headed for the debutante ball (making that, what, 49 formal events before Xmas break alone?). And would you believe that Nate and Blair are going together - but just as friends, of course. Riiiiiiiiiight. Watch it now! | More online videos For more great videos, check out our Online Video Guide now!