Jason George and Alyssa Milano Jason George and Alyssa Milano

Is the baby Dom's or her husband's? Savi doesn't know yet, but that's not stopping her from taking matters into her own hands.

On Monday's Mistresses (10/9c, ABC), Dom (Jason George) confronts Savi (Alyssa Milano) after she asks him to sign a document to relinquish all rights to the baby that may or may not be his.

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"So you drew up the contracts just in case?" he says in the exclusive sneak peek below."OK, what if it is yours? What would you want? Partial custody? Visitation rights? Is that what you signed up for when we slept together?" Savi says. "Do you even want a kid right now? Because Harry [ Brett Tucker] and I do."So will Dom sign it? Check out the clip below to find out.