Alyssa Milano, Rochelle Aytes, Jes Macallan, Yunjin Kim Alyssa Milano, Rochelle Aytes, Jes Macallan, Yunjin Kim

ABC's sexy summer guilty pleasure is back!

Mistresses returns Monday at 10/9c, picking up eight months after the events of the finale, in which Savi (Alyssa Milano) coded at the hospital after getting into a horrific car accident. Of course, nearly dying came at the most inopportune moment ever after both her estranged husband Harry (Brett Tucker)  and her baby daddy Dom (Jason George) professed their love for her.

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But that wasn't the only cliffhanger that left fans jaws agape in the finale. Karen (Yunjin Kim) was nearly murdered by Elizabeth (Penelope Ann Miller), her dead patient/lover's wife. Fortunately, Elizabeth's son Sam (Erik Stocklin), who also slept with Karen, came to her rescue, though someone was shot in the process. (Watch the Season 1 finale here.)

It won't be long before we discover who ended up on the wrong side of that gun, though one thing is certain: Savi isn't among the body count when Season 2 picks up. Still, the question remains: Who did Savi choose? caught up with executive producers K.J. Steinberg and Rina Mimoun to get the scoop on what's next for the ladies:

How is Savi dealing after the car accident? 
K.J. Steinberg: 
She's more open. She realizes that she's got a second chance at life and she's not going to waste any time looking for the things that make her feel good. I also think that she's in a state of confusion because of that. She's never felt liberated like that before. She's always been really responsible; responsible at work and being the den mother of her friends. She was the CEO of the relationship with Harry. She treated everything somewhat like a business that she was in charge of. This accident has thrown her for a loop and it's made her vulnerable in ways that she's never been. It's made her feel predisposed to follow her bliss more and allow herself to be searching for the truth. She does remain very close with her friends through it all. We pick up with Savi's choice [between Dominic and Harry] and she made the choice for reasons that will unfold. We will learn the intricacies of why she made that decision. 
Rina Mimoun: It's not that the decision is made and we move on. 
Steinberg: She'll have a male visitor that shows up in a few episodes to complicate the decision that she made. This is the season of Savi questioning her relationships with men, why she makes the choices she makes and why she has a hard time being true to any given man that she's with.

How soon will we learn what happened to Sam and Elizabeth and how that will affect Karen this year? 
We learn the fate of Sam right away in the [premiere] and Elizabeth Grey does come back early in the season where we get to walk through that with her. We put all of that behind us. Karen is someone who is deeply affected by what happened to her, not just in the traumatic moment of the finale, but she's taken all of last year in terms of why she's the worst therapist on the planet — as many of the viewers called her "a delightful hot mess" — and she's trying to regroup from that. She winds up becoming very close with another patient this year. This time, it's a young girl. Through their relationship, she winds up once again becoming an even bigger hot mess and exploring different sides of herself that she has also never been before, similarly reckless and kind of going through the same thing that Savi went through last season. She also swings to the right a little bit. This relationship with this patient is the catalyst for that. 
Steinberg: Coming off of the finale, she can't escape what happened to her. Rina and I try very hard to say that everything that happened in the pilot last year continues to have consequences in every episode moving forward. So, everything that befell Karen in the finale is going to continue to inform the things that she does this season. For instance, she can't go on dates without the scandal of what happened to her in the finale following her along. That will inspire her to find new and creative ways to reinvent herself and find connections with people.

Summer TV eye candy!

What can you tell us about April's hot new love interest?  
It's hot! First of all, Rochelle Aytes and Ricky Whittle are the hottest couple that summer television will see. I'm going to just say it. We felt that poor April was put through the wringer last year between her husband showing up from the dead and the ex-mistress. She was placed in the worst circumstances. Our first order of business with April this year was to let the poor girl have a little fun, finally see that smile and see her fall in love. We watch her turn into the woman that we've never actually met up until now. We've said that this was a woman who married her high school sweetheart, who then lost him and immediately went into this business trying to be a single mother. This year, it's getting back in touch with who is April? We find out that she used to be an artist. This man [Daniel] that she meets is also an artist, so he inspires her and brings out this side of her that makes her all beautiful and glowing until we start to see that there may be something not so perfect about him and he might break her heart worse than Paul (Dondre T. Whitfield), if that's possible. Poor April! But she gets a few episodes of real happiness.
Steinberg: She has some great, great sex in the meantime.

What's in store for Joss (Jes Macallan) this season? 
We are so excited about Joss' storyline this year. We watched her in the pilot go from sleeping with her boss and doing everything she can to move ahead in the world sexually, into her relationship with Alex (Shannyn Sossamon). She had the most growth overall in the first season. We wanted to continue with that in Season 2.
Steinberg: Through her relationship with Alex, she really learned to value herself. She hasn't done a 180. We're still going to recognize our Joss. She's still sexual and free and wild in a way that her personality is wild and unpredictable, but she's really come to value herself and her body through that relationship with Alex. So, when we meet her this season, she's really concentrating on rebuilding her life. 
Mimoun: Part of that is dealing with what happened to Savi. 
Steinberg: She had to take care of her dying sister and had to see her through rehab, so she grew up a lot over the eight months that we missed. She is now trying to build a business with Harry. She falls for Justin Hartley's character soon into the season. 
Mimoun: Episode 4. 
Steinberg: And has an adorable, great, sexual, fun and very connected relationship with him that we're all rooting for. 
Mimoun: It was the first time of watching her fall in love with someone who she could actually truly fall in love with. But in the pure Joss form, and this is our slow burn because it takes the whole season to see this is a somewhat self-destructive character. This is someone who is afraid of giving her all when it comes to intimacy. So we may watch her self-destruct.

Mistresses returns Monday at 10/9c on ABC.

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