Misfits Misfits

"I think you'll find that there's no such thing as an innocent young offender."

Rudy (Joseph Gilgun) just might be right about the two new delinquents who are serving community service with him when the UK's Misfits kicks off its fourth season on Hulu Monday. The irreverent and violent sci-fi series picks up a short time after the heartbreaking events of last season's finale, in which the group lost star-crossed couple Simon (Iwan Rheon)  and Alisha (Antonia Thomas) for good.

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But these orange-coverall-wearing ASBOs (anti-social behavior orders) are resilient thanks to youth, stubbornness, and, oh yeah, the superpowers they acquired during a freak storm a few years back. After all, they've survived body swapping, zombie cheerleaders, Hitler, ghosts, time travel and death — so much death! They can handle having to say a few goodbyes.

What's in store for Season 4? Here's a look at five mysteries that will be answered in the premiere:

1. Where's the love? It's bad enough that Simon and Alisha left, but Kelly (Lauren Socha) is gone as well. Since she wasn't written out of last season's finale, we learn from her boyfriend Seth (Mathew McNulty) the outrageously bizarre reason for her not returning after they went on holiday. Without those two romances, the new season is in need of a little tenderness.

2. No, really. Where's the love?!? Maybe we can do without amour temporarily, but returning ASBOs Rudy and Curtis (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett) and power-dealer Seth are supposed to be friends, or at least allies. So why are they scheming against each other, acting even more morally bankrupt than usual and even resorting to torture and dismemberment? There's a very good reason, and one that we won't hold against them.

3. Who is Jess? The new young offender (Karla Crome) has trust issues, which could be a good thing when dealing with the self-serving Rudy. She prefers people to be straightforward with her, and her superpower helps her see the truth, at least partially.

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4. Who is Finn? The other newbie (Nathan McMullen) doesn't seem so upset to be doing community service and even wants to chat people up and make friends. He's friendly, if a little on the awkward side, and has a potentially devastating superpower if only he can handle it. And we'll find out that power isn't the only scary thing about him!

5. Who will die? This is Misfits! Of course someone has to die and join the disposed bodies in the woods. It's almost getting to be an ASBO rite of passage. But we'll see if tradition (having the new kids off their probation officer) holds, or if another victim will meet his/her fate.

Are you psyched for the new season of Misfits? Will you miss Simon, Alisha and Kelly? Season 4 premieres Monday on Hulu.