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There's a cost to higher learning, and it's not just monetary. But dignity is overrated anyway on Hulu's new British comedy Fresh Meat, which debuts Sunday.

In the premiere, six Manchester Medlock University students who missed out on living in the dorms find themselves thrown together in a shared house off-campus. As the only returning student among the freshmen, Howard (Greg McHugh) has gotten a bit too comfortable living alone when his first new housemate Vod (Zawe Ashton) arrives and catches him without pants in the common room. "I've just got used to wearing trousers of the mind," he explains sheepishly.

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Welcome to the uni house, where casual nudity, awkward flirting, indiscriminate shagging and earnest posturing reside. Here's an introduction to the six raunchy housemates who will benefit from this enriching college experience:

Violet "Vod" Nordstrom
Attending on a military scholarship, this literature major is the consummate rocker and party girl — drinking, doing drugs and avoiding all responsibility. She barely gets by at school by copying her housemate Oregon's work.
In her own words:
"I'm not racist for Asians; I'm just slutty!" — after mistakenly snogging the wrong band member in a bar

Howard McCallum
An unrepentant nerd and shut-in, this geology student gets his rocks off on sedimentary talk. Although Howard is quirky and socially inept, he's a gentle soul who's discovering how to be more social beyond the rules that he's gleaned from TV and movies.
In his own T-shirt's words:
"Geologists go deeper!"

Josie Jones (Kimberly Nixon)
This sweet, small-town dentistry student is excited to finally let loose, but she is finding it difficult to ignore her good-girl nature. Sure, she's scoring left and right, but it's her nice housemate Kingsley whom she clicks with best, even if she's constantly losing her temper with him.
In her own words:
"Time to load up and strap on!" — trying to work up the courage to pick up a guy at the bar

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Kingsley Owen (Joe Thomas)
Before college, this kindhearted geology student took care of his ailing mother until she replaced him with a service dog. Now he's learning how to interact with people his own age and is frustrated by seemingly landing in the friend zone with Josie.
In his own words:
"We're very Hufflepuff here. Wouldn't you be happier in Slytherin?" — awkwardly trying to convince one of his housemates to move out

Melissa "Oregon" Shawcross (Charlotte Ritchie)
Oregon is desperate to hide that she owns her own car, is academically talented and can afford massive shopping sprees thanks to mum and dad. She idolizes Vod's style and attitude, even if that means being a pushover in the process.
In her own words:
"I'm really just surprisingly strong. Maybe I'm all intersex and I've got a penis I don't know about" — babbling to divert attention from her latest shopping loot

Jonathan "JP" Pembersley (Jack Whitehall)
This Old Stoic alum doesn't hesitate to use money to get what he wants. His oversexed dialogue and hip-hop malapropisms give him a rather obnoxious charm that seems put on to mask vulnerability. He ends up getting in embarrassing or troublesome situations trying to impress his moneyed classmate Ralph.
In his own words:
Most of his lines aren't suitable for print.

Here's an exclusive sneak peek of Fresh Meat, followed by the trailer. [Warning: May contain offensive dialogue and is intended for mature audiences]:

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Watch Fresh Meat beginning Sunday and catch the second season of Spy beginning Tuesday, exclusively on Hulu.