Stephen Colbert, Mindy Kaling Stephen Colbert, Mindy Kaling

The Mindy Project has had everyone from James Franco to Shonda Rhimes guest-starring, but Tuesday's episode might feature our favorite special appearance yet!

Stephen Colbert will play Father Michael McDonald, one of Danny's childhood friends who grew up to be a "very judgmental priest," according to creator and star Mindy Kaling. But while Colbert plays a stickler in the Fox sitcom, it seems like he was as charming as you would imagine in real life.

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"We were so lucky to have Stephen Colbert come and be on the show," Kaling says in this exclusive video. "Personally, as a comedy writer, he's been someone that I've been wanting to write for for a really long time. And it was really fun. We had him for one day and he worked a 13-hour day and he was so funny."

To see more of what Kaling has to say about working with Colbert - plus scenes from Tuesday's episode - watch the full video below.