Chris Messina, Anders Holm, Bill Hader Chris Messina, Anders Holm, Bill Hader

On last week's winter finale, The Mindy Project made our dreams come true when Mindy (Mindy Kaling) and Danny (finally!) kissed. While we wait until the comedy returns on April 1, we thought we'd look back and see how Danny stacks up to Mindy's past love interests.

So check out our rankings below, from least dateable to the ultimate OTP.

25 reasons why I'm madly in love with Danny Castellano

16. Paul Leotard (James Franco): Because there is nothing more loathsome than someone bragging about how their sperm is like "kids playing in an open fire hydrant in the '70s."

15. Adam (Josh Meyers): The only thing worse than his being a hooker is his music. But boy, could he kiss!

14. Tom (Bill Hader): This guy is just a weenie. And maybe he wouldn't be so behind on Breaking Bad if he didn't spend so much time getting his ears pierced or hanging out at frat parties. Gross.

13. Graham (Timothy Olyphant): Dining and dashing is the ultimate turn-off. Though, he's so ridiculously good looking we wouldn't mind winning that bronze medal for the Sex Olympics just once.

12. Dennis (Ed Helms): Sweater vests + cheating = dealbreaker. Shut. It. Down!

11. Josh (Tommy Dewey): Josh is as pretty as he is untrustworthy. Plus, he's the master of the backhanded compliment.

10. Morgan (Ike Barinholtz): If he treated you half as well as he treated animals, you'd be living like a queen — but also in a zoo. So it's kind of a mixed bag here.

9. Jason (Ben Feldman): He's painfully pretentious, but once you knock him down a few pegs there's a real sweetheart underneath all that "high art" talk.

8. Cliff (Glenn Howerton): Cliff doesn't always make the smartest choices (like breaking up with Mindy, for example), but he takes initiative to plan things like romantic weekend trips. Hot tub, ho! We'd just make sure to leave the Dixie Chicks at home.

7. Matt (Seth Meyers): We barely know anything about Matt beyond the fact he doesn't mind feeding his lady which — in addition to being played by the "Weekend Update" anchor — is enough to earn a gold star from us.

6. Jeremy (Ed Weeks): Bring back Fat Jeremy! We just want to be the maple syrup on his insecurity waffles.

5. Brendan (Mark Duplass): This midwife is so disgustingly smarmy and pompous, we kind of hate him. But you know what they say about the thin line between love and hate...

4. Jamie (BJ Novak): Even though he is a Latin professor, Jamie is delightfully up-to-date on pop culture. Too bad he's in love with his BFF instead of us.

3. Casey (Anders Holm): When he fell for Mindy, he fell hard. The man is crazy in touch with his feelings. He just isn't in touch with himself. Find us when you get your life together, Case. We'll be waiting.

2. Sam (Seth Rogen): There is literally nothing wrong with Sam (besides the fact that he doesn't live in NYC). The man is perfect. Bonus: Your bubbie would totally approve.

1. Danny (Chris Messina): Do we really have to explain this?

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