Question: In last week's Ask Ausiello, you mentioned that "nearly everyone" was onboard for next season except Kristin Kreuk and Michael Rosenbaum. Is Allison Mack included in that "nearly everyone"?

Answer: Yes, the A Mackster has already re-upped for next season. I hear that keeping Chloe around was a top priority for producers given the uncertainty surrounding Kreuk and Rosenbaum's future involvement. [UPDATE: KryptonSite is reporting that Mack has not, in fact, signed on for next season. While it's possible that she hasn't officially signed on the dotted line, my rock-solid source insists she will be back for "a minimum of 18 episodes." I'll continue snooping around and see what I can find out.] Speaking of Kreuk and Rosenbaum, exec producer Al Gough gave TV Guide's Rich Sands an update on the duo's contract talks. "Kristin will be back for a portion of the season likely the first third," he said, "and Michael quite frankly, those negotiations are just getting started. So there's no word one way or the other whether he'll be back next year or not." According to my moles (but unconfirmed by Gough), best-case scenario, Rosenbaum will be in 18 episodes. Second-best-case scenario, he'll do 11. Worst-case scenario, he'll no longer have any use for this.