Michael Jackson; Sarah Palin Michael Jackson; Sarah Palin

Our Top Moments list is starting to look like the pop charts: A certain recently memorialized pop star has a gloved hand in three of the following items, but left room for an amazing chase, tennis ace, and a governor gone fishin'. Welcome to Top Moments, Goodbye M.J. edition. (Which isn't to say he won't be back.)

7. Best Chase: Adding a moment of levity to an otherwise sad story, Rescue Me features Lou holding on for dear life after a child cancer patient roars off on a fire-engine joyride. The crew follows in a French Connection-style chase through the streets of New York. The episode ends with this bittersweet comment from another young cancer patient along for the ride: "OK, now I can die."

6. Worst Breakdown: The Closer's Kelvin Blake (played by Don Franklin) isn't about to give his Caddy over to some carjackers, so he fires a few bullets over their heads to scare them off. Days later, upon learning that one of the rounds killed a parolee-gone-good two blocks away, Kelvin breaks down, recognizing his role in an utterly senseless death.

5. Black and White Award: The O'Reilly Factor's Bill O'Reilly asks why many African-Americans continue to embrace Michael Jackson when his children were fathered by white men. Even if he offered any proof, which he didn't, his argument would still be bizarre. Are Madonna or Angelina Jolie less white because they adopted black children? And also, who cares? We're going to go listen to "Black and White" now to get this ugly episode out of our heads. (Watch the video at our Online Video Guide.)

4. Greatest Match Ever Played — This Week: Last year's Wimbledon final has been dubbed "the greatest match ever played," but this year's featured the greatest set. Roger Federer and Andy Roddick — playing the match of his life — went toe-to-toe for 95 minutes in the fifth set before the Swiss master prevailed 16-14, giving Federer his record 15th major and breaking his one-month-long tie with Pete Sampras. It was the longest fifth set in Grand Slam final history.

3. Fishiest Photo Op: What will Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin do now that she's leaving office? Based on her NBC interview/fishing-trip, it sounds she'll work on lots of fishing metaphors. "I don't know what the future holds," she says when asked if she'll run for president. "Can't predict what the next fish run's gonna look like, much less what's gonna happen in a couple of years." Sounds like angling.

2. Stop the Insanity Award: In an ABC interview, Dr. Arnold Klein addresses — in the weirdest way possible — the rumors that he is the biological father of Michael Jackson's first two children: "To the best of my knowledge, I am not the father of these children." We're trying to imagine how he couldn't 100 percent know. Or actually, eww. No we're not. (Watch his comments here at the 2:07 mark.)

1. Best Tribute: Paris Katherine Jackson shows she has her father's gift for moving audiences as she takes the microphone to sobbingly call him "the best father you can ever imagine" at his memorial. Her poise is remarkable; her presence intense. We hope she won't be another Jackson burned by the spotlight.

What were your Top Moments?

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