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Accounts of Michael Jackson's drug use fueled speculation Wednesday about the cause of his death, including one from his former nurse who said he opposed recreational drugs but sought a powerful drug to overcome insomnia.

The accounts emerged as a will Jackson wrote in 2002 was submitted to a Los Angeles court.

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Cherilyn Lee, a registered nurse whose specialty includes nutritional counseling, told The Associated Press

that Jackson was plagued by insomnia and pleaded for a powerful sedative despite warnings it could be dangerous. She said she received a frantic phone call from a member of Jackson's staff on the Sunday before his death that made her worry he had obtained the drug, Diprivan, or another powerful insomnia drug."He called and was very frantic and said, 'Michael needs to see you right away.' I said, 'What's wrong?' And I could hear Michael in the background ... 'One side of my body is hot, it's hot, and one side of my body is cold. It's very cold,'" Lee said.She said she told the staffer Jackson had to go to the hospital, but he didn't go."At that point, I knew that somebody had given him something that hit the central nervous system," she said. "He was in trouble Sunday and he was crying out."

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The Daily Beast  quoted someone identified as a "top advisor" to Jackson saying the singer may have deliberately mixed pills to get out of his planned comeback concerts.The site said the source believed the singer hoped to reduce the number of his dates for his planned 50-concert comeback by invoking the medical infirmity clause in his contract with the AEG Group, the promoter, the website reported. The source also said the singer may have deliberately mixed pills to trigger a minor hospital visit."Like a child who doesn't want to go to school," the site quoted the source as saying, "Michael thought he could get away from his obligations if he had a 'note from the doctor.'"

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In other Jackson news:—An attorney for Jackson's ex-wife Deborah Rowe, who bore two of the singer's children,  denied a report that Rowe was not the children's biological mother. "We refuse to be drawn into addressing the various rumors and speculation swirling in the media.  The vast majority of what is out there is untrue," attorney Marta Almli said in a statement to TVGuide.com.  "Particularly hurtful and insidious is the most recent rumor — which is entirely false — concerning the maternity of the children.  Ms. Rowe is the biological mother of the two oldest children."—The AP reported that Jackson claimed a net worth of $236.6 million in 2007, but that less than $700,000 of that amount was in cash.—Preliminary sales figures indicated that Jackson posthumously rules Billboard's pop album chart, with his recordings occupying the top nine slots.