Question: Dude, Dave Annable is already smokin' hot, but now I find out he's a Trojan fan? He hit Kyle Chandler levels of hotness with that little revelation. Will y'all be making an appearance in Pasadena on Jan. 1?

Answer: If Dave A. can hook me up with some of those nifty sideline passes he always seems to get his hands on, I'll be there. Oh, who am I kidding I'd sit on Chief Illiniwek's lap if it meant a chance to see the big game in person. All joking aside, if any of you Ausholes are looking to unload a pair of Rose Bowl tix or if you have connections that don't involve the words "stub" or "hub" contact me ASAP at I'll do just about anything to get to that game. And. I. Mean. Anything.