Question: Id like to suggest (for either AA or Ausiello Report) that you give us the scoop on stars who have been MIA for a while what theyve been up to, if theyre coming back to TV/movies soon, etc. I'd also like to suggest that the first star be Holly Marie Combs.

Answer: I'd like to suggest you stop giving me busywork. I've got enough on my plate right now, thank you very much. Speaking of which, the Emmys are almost here and that can only mean one thing: I'm going to Hollywood, baby! And for the first time in recorded history, I'll actually be on the red carpet during arrivals conducting on-camera interviews with all of the nominees, presenters, and various and sundry guests. The footage will (hopefully) start populating the video players beginning immediately after the telecast at 11 pm/ET. Following the kudospalooza, I'll be motoring over to LC's fave hangout, Les Deux, for TV Guide's post-Emmy bash to get reaction and scoop on the night's biggest winners and losers. In the meantime, keep close tabs on my Ausiello Report blog in the coming days for some big news that's so close to breaking I can taste it. Told ya I had a lot on my plate.