Question: Got any scoop not related to the strike?

Answer: Uh-huh. Assuming the strike doesn't go on forever, J.J. Abrams' peeps will be putting in calls to a few key actors for his upcoming Fox spookfest The Fringe, and I just happen to know their names. Ready? Here goes: Bill Camp (once God on Joan of Arcadia), Tracy Middendorf (who's appeared on everything from Murder, She Wrote to Lost but will always be the "other" Carrie Brady to me), former Mrs. James Bond Diana Rigg, and Charlotte Rampling, whose credits are largely in French, meaning she's probably like that country's Helen Mirren.

That's a wrap! A hearty thanks to everyone who e-mailed me questions for this weekend's Scrubs panel (moderated by me!). Thanks to you guys, I'm going to come off a lot smarter than I actually am. Now let's bring on the housekeeping notes: Discussion Thread. Vodcast. Special Strike Video. Tip line. See ya' back here next week for the latest on the end of the strike! (Hey, a boy can dream, too.) Additional reporting by Carita Rizzo and Ben Katner