Question: I will build you a Smurf of ginormous proportions if you give me even a scooplet about How I Met Your Mother.

Answer: Major-ass prattle alert! Enrique Iglesias has signed on to play a love interest for Robin in at least two episodes, exec producer Craig Thomas confirms to me exclusively. He first appears in the Sept. 24 season premiere. "Enrique plays a dreamy vacation romance that Robin tries to transplant back into her real life much to Ted's dismay," Thomas tells me. "The character, Gael, is exactly the guy you don't want your ex-girlfriend hooking up with next: In addition to being a sexy, guitar-playing surfer/massage therapist, the guy looks a like lot Enrique Iglesias. It drives Ted nuts." Note to Mallory: I hear Michaels sells blue clay in bulk.

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