Question: Ever since you mentioned that Emily VanCamp would be perfect for the role of Rebecca on Brothers & Sisters, I can't get that idea out of my head. Please tell me casting has listened and our dreams have come true!

Answer: I'm afraid I have some depressing news. Even though the role has not been cast yet, my sources are telling me that Emily will not be playing Rebecca. I'm bummed, but not completely surprised. Deep down I knew it was a long shot. Between the show's producers, ABC and Touchstone, there are, like, 100 people who have to sign off on major casting decisions like this one, and everyone brings to the table their own agenda. It's also possible that Emily just wasn't right for the part, which would be odd since I'm fairly certain there's nothing she can't do. I'm sure there's a better role waiting for her just around the corner. Speaking of Rebecca, another name has been scratched off the short list of contenders. Roxy Olin, daughter of Ken Olin and Patricia Wettig, is also out of the running, since she just landed a different role on the show. She'll play the beard, er, girlfriend of Chad, the closeted soap actor who takes an "interest" in Kevin.