Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones may not be done kicking alien butt just yet: Columbia Pictures is itching to re-team the duo for a third Men In Black flick, TV Guide Online has learned. "The studio wants one," confirms Walter Parkes, the producer behind the 1997 blockbuster and last summer's sequel. "We're trying to figure out the auspices of it and what to do to freshen that franchise up a little bit."

Translation: Despite grossing a respectable $190 million stateside, MIB II was a dud creatively — a fact even Parkes won't deny. "It was a heartbreaking thing," he sighs of the follow-up, which scored its biggest laughs courtesy of a talking pug named Frank. "There were many disagreements among the different principals, and what came out was not a movie worthy of the franchise."

News of MIB II's backstage woes first came to light last July, when director Barry Sonnenfeld, in an interview with TV Guide Online, blasted producers for making him a nervous wreck during much of the film's shoot. "[My health was] compromised by the fear and tension and anxiety that was put on me by everyone being nervous that the movie wasn't going to make any money," groaned the filmmaker. "I'll never be okay as long as I live."

Well, it looks like Parkes's second order of business on MIB III — after signing up Smith and Jones — will be searching for a new director, right? "Oh, I'm not getting into that," he winks, "That, I don't know."
Tomorrow, Walter Parkes offers TV Guide Online readers a preview of The Ring 2.