Teri Hatcher, Mark Harmon, Sara Ramirez Teri Hatcher, Mark Harmon, Sara Ramirez

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Given the events of the finale, is Gibbs' job in danger on NCIS? — Jonathan
ADAM: The murder of Pedro Hernandez will add a new layer to the already contentious relationship between Gibbs and Director Vance. You'll see Vance's somewhat shocking reaction in the premiere, but executive producer Shane Brennan coyly tells us that it may also give hints to Vance's own mysterious past. "Sometimes when you think something's done, things pop up years later," Brennan says. "You've got that famous moment where the new director moves into his office for the first time and shreds a piece of paper. That's one of those moments."

How bad do Mike and Susan's finances get on Desperate Housewives? — Rob
MICKEY: With Mike's business on the skids, Susan's finger-painting with the kiddies isn't going to pay the rent. To help out, she'll get a house-cleaning job. And wait until you see her uniform, gentlemen.

What can you tell me about my favorite Grey's Anatomy couple, Arizona and Callie? — Maggie
ADAM: Callie is about to pop a life-altering question, and it's safe to say that Arizona will be a bit freaked-out. And even though Jessica Capshaw, who plays Arizona, is pregnant, that doesn't mean her character is. "This is not being unveiled," Capshaw says of her pregnancy. "This is below a counter, in back of an X-ray, hidden by a big file. This baby is camera-shy."

House and Cuddy — give me the dirt. — Caren
MICKEY: The writers and producers of House "are addressing all the concerns one might have when the main characters of a show get together," Lisa Edelstein says. "This is a real relationship." One snag: House might be ready to pursue love with Cuddy, but he ain't exactly ready to be a dad. "We're just now getting into that now," Edelstein says. And it doesn't sound good.

Are we really supposed to believe that Brennan is happy about Booth's new girlfriend on Bones? — Taylor
ADAM: Supportive is a better word. She's certainly not thrilled, but Brennan might get some action of her own. "We're going to look at some different possibilities for Brennan now; she will definitely look into some different love interests," Emily Deschanel tells us. "She wants to be happy for Booth, but I think there's some jealousy there."

How will the vamps and weres interact on The Vampire Diaries? — Tamara
MICKEY: "In our world, our vampires know very little about the werewolf mythology, other than what anybody who's watched Wolfman or read books has learned," says executive producer Julie Plec. "They're going to be surprised at what they can do." Well, not everyone will be surprised. Katherine, it turns out, has a long history with the werewolves of Mystic Falls.

What will the vibe be like between Castle and Beckett in the new season of Castle? — David
ADAM: Beckett's not happy that Castle has returned from his summer in the Hamptons without so much as calling her, especially after her crushing disappointment in the Season 2 finale. But Stana Katic says the duo's chemistry is still intact. "I don't think they're back to square one," she says. "They have so much history. There's nothing that can untie that kind of a bond between those two characters. They should still have the same kind of swordplay."

Is Travis really going to go away to college on Cougar Town? — Joshua
MICKEY: He is, unless Jules shrinks him down so small that he can live inside her blood! Trav marks his first days as a college man similarly attached to his mama, much to the amusement of his roommate (producers are seeking a Quinton Aaron type), who bestows upon Trav a series of nicknames, each more humiliating than the last.

Anything you can tell us about the new season of Criminal Minds? — Richard
The new season is focused on secrets. "We will learn that every member of the team has a secret that they try to keep from the others," executive producer Ed Bernero says. "In some cases, they're successful. In other cases, it threatens the trust and fabric of the group."

I'm excited for Law & Order: Los Angeles, but not about the cast so far. Are there any more coming? — Dave
MICKEY: Now that Alfred Molina and Terrence Howard are locked in to share deputy district attorney duties, they need some assistants. We hear they're looking for a young Latina woman to fill one of those slots. My pick: My Generation's Daniella Alonso, who deserves a better show.

Any updates on the new team member replacing Liz Vassey on CSI? — Brittney
ADAM: Two things: First, the new team member won't exactly replace Vassey. "We did not hire a new cast member," executive producer Carol Mendelsohn says. "It's potentially recurring, but at the moment, it's for one episode." Second, the new CSI, to be played by British actress Sienna Guillory (Criminal Minds), will be a total BABE. (What? It stands for bombs and ballistics expert!)

Give me scoop on Peter's re-entry this season on Fringe. — India
MICKEY: Joshua Jackson says we should focus on that mysterious machine that we saw in the season finale. "The most crucial thing in his life is what that machine is and what he is to that machine," he says.

Mickey's Mega Rave: At the TCA awards, Glee executive producer Ian Brennan gave critics a sneak peek at Sue Sylvester's continuing reign of terror, quoting one of her lines from an upcoming episode: "Don't go soft on me, Will. I realize you're mourning the loss of that bony little redhead you're in love with. And I understand, it's not just a loss for you — as she appears to be the link between early hominids and man, it's also a loss for science." Waiting for Season 2 of Glee to begin... that's hard.

Adam's Mini Rant: I am intrigued by Rubicon, but if the show wants to pay homage to such films as The Parallax View and All the President's Men, it should also try a little harder to match the quick pacing of those films.

Reader Quote of the Week: "On Monday, Victoria Principal will wake up, walk into the bathroom, and find Patrick Duffy in the shower. Then she'll tell him that she had a terrible nightmare and, just like that, last season will be ret-conned as if it had been a dream." — MichaelSacal, on the American Idol judges' shakeup

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