Mark Harmon (<I>NCIS</i>), Melina Kanakaredes (<I>CSI: NY</i>) and Joshua Jackson (<I>Fringe</i>) Mark Harmon (NCIS), Melina Kanakaredes (CSI: NY) and Joshua Jackson (Fringe)

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Give us something good about NCIS, pretty please? — Gina
MATT: Remember how last week's Mega Minute scooped the imminent return of Trent Kort, the spook to whom Gibbs owes a solid? That same episode will guest-star Christian Clemenson (of Boston Legal fame) as the accountant for a criminal the team is chasing. Also on the horizon: vampire bites! (I thought Alex O. was doing Criminal Minds?) 

Everybody is talking about CSI: NY's Lindsay/Danny, but is there any thing about Stella/Mac? — Hilla  
TIM: I'm going to pass this off to executive producer Peter Lenkov, who says the last four episodes of the season "are very heavy, Mac and Stella-wise. One will wrap up the Greek coin smuggling ring (that Stella is heavily involved in) and the murders associated with that. Two episodes are very emotional stories that involve Mac, and in one of those we learn more about Mac's father." I really can't improve on that.

Is Fox going to pick-up Fringe for a second season? Also, any juicy storylines happening in the spring? — Bryan
MICKEY: Well, ratings were steady before its American Idol-dodging hiatus, but my mole tells me that the network will wait and see how it does once it returns on April 7. Me, I'm all wait-and-see about Peter's new love interest — not yet convinced that she's the right blonde for him. 

I know there's been confirmation of Bones-Booth sex, but I still need to know more! Can you give us info on any of the 11 episodes coming up?  —- Amanda
MATT: Yes, all signs point to the partners in crime-solving hitting the sheets, naked, in the season finale. Until then, the (somewhat less-romantic) episode that catches my eye airs March 26. That's when we learn some things about Cam, including that she once had a fiancé ... and that his half-eaten body has now turned up in the tiger cage at the zoo. Yeah, they are so not getting back together.                                                                                                           

If Reality Steve is correct about the manipulation of The Bachelor, I will never watch it again! What do you think? — Linda
TIM: Reality Steve's spoilers were dead-on, but I have no idea whether the producers had a hand in things. It could be some diabolical, ratings-driven manipulation, or it could be that Jason just changed his mind. Who among us hasn't proposed to a 25-year-old former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader during a high-stress televised competition fueled by alcohol, gorgeous New Zealand scenery, and the constant presence of adorable baby lambs, only to find that the feelings weren't the same when we returned to our normal lives?   

Will there ever be a new episode of The Office? And what's coming up for the folks at Dunder Mifflin? — Alisa
MICKEY: New episode Thursday! Have you ever wanted to know more about Kevin's love life? Sure, we all have! Well, now's your chance! In an upcoming episode, Kevin's colleagues will band together to play Cupid for the portly pepperpot. What Scrantonicity!

Do you have any scoop on 24 or The Big Bang Theory? — Matthew
MATT: What happens when you arm a quartet of beautiful minds with glue guns and sequins? Big Bangers will get that answer in an upcoming episode where the boys help Penny with her new hobby. On the 24 front, if you're curious as to whether Janice will "get hers" for snitching on our girl Chloe, the answer can be found in this week's Mega Minute video.

I have heard something happens to Without a Trace's Brian, Sam and Jack that changes everything. Can you tell me more, and when this will air? — Sheri
TIM: A network rep confirms that you're on to something. And while I can't add much more without adding spoiling the show, I can say that you'll get to watch it all unfold for yourself on March 17. 

Is 90210's Adrianna actually keeping the baby? Is that the right message to send to kids? -— Shirl
MICKEY: Well, Shirl, maybe, maybe not. But 90210 isn't exactly Message Central anyway. (Did you catch the beej in the pilot?) The good news — for you, anyway — is that Adrianna will be having a shower in a future episode. What kind of shower is where it gets interesting, especially for Navid.

In light of recent ratings, it would seem that the end is near for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.  Have the producers anticipated this outcome and adjusted the season finale into a series finale? — Kevin
MATT: In a word, no. For starters, production on the Fox series had wrapped by the time its Friday numbers started trickling in. Secondly, the final half-dozen episodes are said to be among the series' best. And thirdly, as show runner Josh Friedman so deftly pointed out at WonderCon: Why would he tie things in a neat little bow and give Fox no added impetus to greenlight a third cycle?

What's the scoop on ER?  Please tell me that there is a bright future between Neela and Simon. — Smiley
MICKEY: I'm hearing that Susan Sarandon, George Clooney, Neela and Simon have a fourgy! (No, not really.) However, as Neela learns more about Brenner's tortured past, their steamy relationship will heat up "to its boiling point," according to my source. But is that a good thing? Personally, I don't like a lot of covers.

Put me out of my misery and tell me that Kyle and Amanda (a match made in heaven) end up together in the Kyle XY finale, and not Kyle and Jessi (the match made in hell). Also, how many episodes are left? charm_sl
MATT: The series ends March 16, so there are now just two episodes left. As for the Kyle/Jessi/Amanda triangle, things will still be in flux entering the finale — just as Amanda realizes that Nate is not who he pretends to be. Hmmm.

Mickey's Mega Rave: If you've read my recaps, you already know that I'm constantly raving (as in: lunatic) about Lost. But the push-pull between Ben and Widmore in last week's John Locke-centric "The Life of Death of Jeremy Bentham" taught me that quality TV isn't about choosing a side; it's about understanding both of them. 

Matt's Mini Rant: I'm not sure what was the bigger blunder — Brothers & Sisters going all out to promote a super-secret death (that didn't stick), or ABC eliminating much suspense by mentioning Robert, the leading candidate to kick the bucket, in their online synopses for upcoming episodes!

Tim's Micro Riff: Breaking Bad is back and good. (Catch up on Season 1 in 60 seconds here, or in the AMC marathon kicking off Friday at 8 pm/ET.)

Reader Quote of the Week: "I like how they have the underground hole into the White House guarded by metal rods, some infrared system, a shoddily bricked wall and (most importantly) an aluminum file cabinet!" (dj rogue, detailing the security system penetrated by General Juma on this week's 24)

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