Simon Baker, Justin Chambers, Natan Fillion Simon Baker, Justin Chambers, Natan Fillion

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Are The Mentalist writers just messing with us or are we really going to see Red John? — Evan
You are definitely going to see him — and you're not going to believe who they got to play him! This heavyweight actor is someone incredibly familiar to TV audiences. The real mystery, however, is how Jane will react when confronted with his nemesis. "This show does ask the question: Can this funny, Cary Grant-like character kill someone like he's always sworn to do?" executive producer Ashley Gable says. "I think fans will be pleased with the way it plays out."

What can you tell us about the season finale of Grey's Anatomy? — Katie
Alex's decision to reveal that Meredith tampered with the Alzheimer's clinical trial is going to come back to haunt him. "Alex is going to have to deal with the fallout of making the choice to rat her out," Sarah Drew tells us. "He walks into the decision hoping to accomplish one thing and ends up accomplishing something completely different which creates a huge storm of drama between him and Meredith."

Thanks for the great Castle postmortem. Any leftovers? — Kristen
A couple. First, Beckett's ability to put her faith in people may have died along with Captain Montgomery. "We're really interested in how this death will affect Beckett's ability to trust in the Castle-Beckett relationship moving forward," executive producer Andrew W. Marlowe says. Secondly, you can definitely expect to see the 3XK killer again next season, and his target will be Detective Ryan. "We're going to be dealing with the aftermath of Ryan having lost his gun and badge [to 3XK]" Marlowe says. "He has to come face to face with what happened that night."

I know it's still early, but do you have any spoilers on The Walking Dead? — Liam
Look for Andrea (Laurie Holden), who lost her sister in the first season, to be a standout when the show returns. "Andrea very much wanted to die in the CDC, so we're going to be dealing with that," creator Robert Kirkman says. Dale's future love interest will be channeling her pain into training to be a protector of the group, as her comic book counterpart did. "She'll be learning some guns, and she might not quite get to a certain level, but we are definitely going to be going down that road," Kirkman adds.  

Please tell me that Angela and Hodgins baby isn't born blind on Bones. — Haley
If I were a betting man, I'd put my money on Hodgela welcoming a healthy baby. As for Michaela Conlin, she just hopes that becoming a mom doesn't make Angela lose her edge. "I'm really excited to bring more of the [early-seasons] Angela into the raising of the child," she says. "I really like the parts of Angela that are wild and free and direct and strong. I want to see her bring those to the kid. I don't want to see her domesticate and become a boring mom."

The death in the Parks & Recreation finale is all anyone is talking about! Cough up some different scoop. —  Steve
All we can tell you is the deceased isn't the only one making an exit.  

Will Josh Holloway ever be back on Community? — Tyler
Creator Dan Harmon is certainly high on the idea. "I will heartily encourage people to expect to see him in Season 3 in less-heightened episodes," he says. (R.I.P., Black Rider.) And while Harmon didn't also declare dead the idea of yet another paintball sequel the show's future, there is one concept he definitely wants to tackle again. "Something like the fake clip show that we did, could be something to repeat next year," Harmon says. "The last thing I want to do is be just completely predictable... but there are lots of better ways to skin that cat."

I love Games of Thrones! What's coming up? —Andrew
Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) will take a step toward freedom in this Sunday's episode with a request for trial by combat. Before you think his stature will count him out, there's a surprise twist that may lead to one of the most epic deaths we've seen — and that's saying something.

So glad to hear that Matt Lauria landed on Burn Notice. What can you tell me? — Casey
: I'll let Lauria do the talking: "[My character] is really integrally involved in the case every step of the way. Instead of just coming to the team and asking for help, he ends up insisting that he be involved in the process of solving it." Unfortunately, Lauria says that, despite reports that his character — who reminds Michael of a younger version of himself — could recur, he hasn't heard about doing anything beyond the one episode he already shot.

I'm so glad Happy Endings got renewed. What's coming up? — Rob
When Penny's "back-up plan" decides to get married, she'll have a My Best Friend's Wedding-esque breakdown. Unlike Rupert Everett, though, her fake fiancé couldn't play straight if he tried.

I'm excited for Leverage to come back. How will Nate and Sophie interact after having slept together? — Brenda
Both characters are in their own state of denial; Nate has resorted to virtually ignoring Sophie. But they both ultimately agree that it's best to keep that night of passion between themselves — for the good of the team, of course. Something tells me that secret won't stay secret very long. "Those other guys are pretty sharp," Timothy Hutton teases.

Will Kevin ever find out about Jackie and Eddie on Nurse Jackie? —Sharlene
NATALIE: The finale will find Jackie in a characteristic pickle. Just when it seems that she will either have to submit to a hospital-mandated urine test or come clean with Kevin about her affair with Eddie — or both — neither conundrum will turn out the way Jackie — or we — expected.

Natalie's Mega Rave: The Smallville series finale exceeded expectations: Clark finally put on the suit, protected the world from its greatest evil, and saved damsel in distress Lois from perishing in a plane crash. The finale even provided a glimpse into the future that stayed as true to the Smallville mythos as it did the Superman canon. Though it took 10 years to get there, it was worth every super-powered minute.  

Adam's Mini Rant: I'd really be much more excited about the networks' fall schedules if any one of them had decided to launch the shows I'm most excited about in September. (See you at midseason, Awake!)

(Additional reporting by Hanh Nguyen)

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