Simon Baker, Dianna Agron, Jon Hamm Simon Baker, Dianna Agron, Jon Hamm

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Got any good info on Season 3 of The Mentalist? — Connor
ADAM: Get ready to meet Patrick Jane's con man brother-in-law. He's charismatic and uses his charm and bravado to mask his anxieties. Even though he blames Jane for his sister's death, he'll have to rely on him when he's suspected of murder.

Who will Quinn hook up with on Glee this season? — Oleg
MICKEY: Dianna Agron will have quite a full dance card this season. There's sure to be the inevitable push-pull between Finn and Puck, but more surprising will be her role in Kurt's new romance. Cheerleaders love football players, right?

Any more teases before the Mad Men premiere? — Danny
ADAM: Someone has a new "fiancé" (not who you think) and someone goes on a blind date (also not who you think).

Give me something on the new season of Desperate Housewives. — Kathy
MICKEY: Paul Young's new wife has a secret, and it's a doozy. Remember: They tied the knot while he was in the slammer, and, well, they were never able to consummate their union. Now that he's free and they can finally be together, that's going to be a problem.

I need some Grey's Anatomy scoop. Got anything on McSteamy? — Janelle
ADAM: Sloan will team with Callie to perform a major operation in the Season 7 premiere. The patient is a 19-year-old young man who suffers twitches and facial drooping because of an advanced tumor. It's so advanced, in fact, that his family has already held a living memorial for him before the surgery.

So ... what is the event of The Event? — James
MICKEY: Great promos, right? As you've seen, there are several strange events that occur within the first hour of NBC's new mystery thriller series. But trust me when I tell you that none of them compares to the one that closes the episode. It will definitely have you wondering what takes place in Episode 2.

It's been a while since we've heard anything about Castle. What do you know? — Kelly
ADAM: I hear the show is looking to add a (possibly recurring) character to the cast. A middle-aged former cop-turned-bounty-hunter, the character is described as a larger-than-life figure with a good sense of humor. I smell a one-liner showdown with Castle.

Will Liam and Annie ever really get together on 90210? — Tracy
MICKEY: You might think that Naomi is an obstacle, since irrational jealousy and self-centeredness are kind of her thing, but after a windfall of good luck, she'll be otherwise occupied by more materialistic pursuits. Instead, look for Annie's eye to turn toward an older man, whose love of words appeals to her inner actress. (Here's hoping it stays inner.)

I would love some intel on the new season of Smallville. — Will
And I'd love to give you some: Carter Hall (aka Hawkman) will return in Season 10's second episode, presumably to help Clark & Co. fight this season's big bad. And there will also be a new face, as Clark gets assigned a new partner at the Daily Planet when Lois takes a temporary leave. The character, who seems to be hiding something, is very vocal in her disdain for masked superheroes.

Based on last week's storyline about Drama's new show, will John Stamos ever actually appear on Entourage? — Dana L.
MICKEY: Yes! Before he brings his Kokomo on over to Glee, Uncle Jesse will brighten up an upcoming episode with a characteristic cameo — characteristic for the show, that is. Stamos plays himself as a spoiled, petulant actor who's also a sore loser, which might be Drama's downfall.

Any scoop on what's coming up on Burn Notice? — Skye
ADAM: Burt Reynolds guest-stars in Thursday's episode as Paul Anderson, a retired spy whose work during the Cold War comes back to haunt him in the form of a Russian special-ops team of assassins. While Michael protects Paul, Fiona has to destroy some evidence to keep Jesse from discovering that Michael burned him.

Are we going to see Divya's wedding on Royal Pains? — Fil
MICKEY: It's unclear when that might take place within the show's "eternal summer" timeline. Divya's engagement to Raj is still on, but her fidelity will be tested when she meets a man one might call heroic. Their flirtation is both poignant and hilarious, and might just lead to something real, if Jill has anything to say about it.

Adam's Mega Rave: Note to casting agents looking for baddies: Put Titus Welliver on your show. Fresh off Lost and The Good Wife (and soon returning to Sons of Anarchy), he gave a menacing performance that elevated this week's episode of The Closer.

Mickey's Mini Rant: Why is guest star Scott Caan's Scotty Lavin the most interesting character on Entourage?

Reader Quote of the Week: "Kara, make yourself useful and teach that boy how to fly!" — Chappel, upon hearing that Laura Vandervoort will reprise the role of Kara Zor-El, aka Supergirl, on Smallville

(Additional reporting by Natalie Abrams and Kate Stanhope)

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