Jeremy Davies (<i>Lost</i>), Jesse Spencer (<i>House</i>), and Jessalyn Gilsig (<i>Glee</i>) Jeremy Davies (Lost), Jesse Spencer (House), and Jessalyn Gilsig (Glee)

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Got any Lost scoop? — Paul
The fifteenth episode of the season, airing May 11, will be Jacob/Man in Black-centric, but don't expect it to follow the same pattern as the season's other episodes. In other news, when Sheila Kelley, who plays Zoe, told us her character is a geophysicist who works for Charles Widmore, we wondered: Does/Did Zoe know Daniel Faraday? "She does not... yet. So far she doesn't know him, but you never know what they're going to throw at you." Well, we did know that.

What will the vibe be like between Cameron and Chase when Jennifer Morrison returns to House? — Regina
ADAM: I wouldn't put a whole lot of money on any sort of reconciliation. "I think [their relationship] is done," Jesse Spencer tells us. "I think they've moved on; Chase is forced to move on. It's interesting for Chase, because then he's dealing with what the relationship meant and lashing out at House. It's been good for me to play."

Will they please get rid of Terri on Glee? Her story is so over! — Katie
MICKEY: Sorry, Katie, Terri's not going anywhere. In fact, Jessalyn Gilsig tells us that Terri's separation from Will may even reinvigorate her. "I don't think Terri will ever abandon her pursuit [of] Will and I certainly don't think Emma is any match for her," she says. "Because we have this fake baby behind us and because they are now getting divorced and moving on with their lives, it's actually good for Terri."

Will we ever see Morgan's love interest again on Criminal Minds? It appears the show has dropped the storyline. — Diane
ADAM: It appears that way because that's exactly what happened. Between Salli Richardson-Whitfield's work on Eureka and the basic premise of the show, Tamara's return is unlikely. "Because we travel all the time, it's tough to have our characters at home and look at their personal lives," executive producer Chris Mundy tells us. "That was the issue. I don't think we'll see her again."

Desperate Housewives feels aimless at the moment. Where is it going? — Meredith
MICKEY: It feels that way, but by the end of the season, you'll look back on certain scenes with feelings of "a-ha!" For example, the death of a prostitute may not feel significant to the show — but it will when you realize who hired her and who her family is.

They didn't really kill Beckett on Castle, did they? — Eva
ADAM: Yep, she's a goner. Also: Unicorns are real, and I have some lovely property for sale in Florida. Kidding aside: Beckett will not only survive that cliff-hanger explosion, but she will also bunk at Castle's pad now that his mother has decided to move out. "I definitely think they're going to be seeing a lot more of each other than they ever thought they would," Stana Katic tells us. Anyone else predicting some pantsless, "Oops-I-didn't-know-you-were-home" moments?

Tell me more about Peter's mother on Fringe. Will we meet her soon? — Tamara
MICKEY: I think it's probably convenient to think of Peter's mom as Walter's saintly, put-upon partner. And that's not exactly inaccurate. But the truth is, Elizabeth Bishop has as much to do with Peter's unique fate as Walter does, so meeting her will be something of a blockbuster for Fringe fans. Also: Look for Nina Sharp to make her own maternal declaration.

Any new scoop on the NCIS front? — Cory
ADAM: How about this nugget: The show is currently on the lookout for someone to play an NCIS executive assistant named Audrey Cook. The character, who may recur, is described as a smart professional with spunk and a great sense of humor. Who do you think she'll mix it up with in the office? Hit the comments with your guesses.

Will Annie finally get revenge on Naomi on 90210? — Kate
MICKEY: Well, I wouldn't call it revenge (yet). But while Naomi is off making a grievous error of judgment involving the new faculty advisor of The Blaze, Annie and Liam will have a moment. We won't see the results of Naomi and Liam's actions for a few weeks, but rest assured, they'll be disastrous.

Got any scoop on my new favorite show, Justified? — Mark
ADAM: Creator and executive producer Graham Yost promises the first season will force Raylan to face some of his old ghosts — namely his father and his ex-wife — head-on. Papa Givens will first appear when Raylan has to bail him out of jail, and Raylan will have to come to grips with Winona's new life when her current husband gets into trouble. "We wanted to drive towards an episode where Raylan would have to help save this guy's life," Yost says.

I'm confused: Should we be rooting for Jules and Bobby or Jules and Grayson on Cougar Town? Because either seems cool with us.  — Kevin and Janet
MICKEY: I know what you mean. Both pairings have their merits, right? While Grayson's secret extracurricular activities with Laurie might indicate that he's out of the running for the Jules Sweepstakes, in a perverse way it's his promiscuity that will put him in the lead. As Christa Miller puts it: "Sh-- is going to hit the fan and everyone is going to find out." After that, look for Jules and Grayson's will-they-or-won't-they tension to come to a decisive head — before the end of the season.

Breaking Bad is so good! How long will Walt keep his role in Jane's death a secret from Jesse? — Greg
ADAM: Let's just say keeping the lid on that secret is one of Walt's top priorities. But it has to come out eventually, right? "Under certain conditions, a human being is more susceptible to revealing information that he or she shouldn't," Bryan Cranston tells us. "Either intoxication or lack of sleep or some kind of delirious state makes the tongue wag. And that happens this season."

Mickey's Mega Rave: Friday's episode of Caprica gave us something deeper to appreciate about the show's beep-boop otherwordliness: two new villains! In a white-knuckled face-off, Daniel commands the first Cylon — who he suspects, rightly, is his dead daughter, Zoe — to shoot their beloved family dog. Both make surprising, character-defining decisions in the heat of the moment. (Spoiler alert for the animal lovers in the house: The gun is loaded with blanks.)

Adam's Mini Rant: I know Dana Delany may be leaving Housewives to work on her new pilot, Body of Evidence, but after the "very special episode" devoted to Edie Brit's death, didn't Katherine's "off to Paris" goodbye seem extremely thrown together? Just the latest way the show has wasted a brilliant actress.

Reader Quote of the Week: "It was must-see TV back then, but no one heard a word from them outside of the show. Ah, the good old days." — Dr. J on HBO's behind-the-scenes look at the Louds, the first reality TV family

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