Robert Sean Leonard (<i>House</i>), Paget Brewster (<i>Criminal Minds</i>), Ed Helms (<i>The Office</i> Robert Sean Leonard (House), Paget Brewster (Criminal Minds), Ed Helms (The Office

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Any chance we'll see a Wilson-Cuddy hookup on House? — Allison
MICKEY: I suppose this is a natural progression after we all lived through Huddy, but Robert Sean Leonard disabused us of that notion when we asked. "I think [Wilson] is a dark guy. He has three ex-wives, he lives alone, deals with death every day and his best friend is House," he says. "So when I think about him with Cuddy, it doesn't work." Fine, so then maybe there's someone else out there for him? Not for now, says Leonard. He'll just have to content himself with a domestic partner (as in roommate) in House. They'll be going apartment-hunting together soon.

I'm obsessed with Criminal Minds! Are they ever going to get Prentiss a boyfriend? — Erin
ADAM: Based on the number of emails we receive about a Hotch-Prentiss hookup each week, the fan demand is certainly there. There's just one pesky problem, according to executive producer Ed Bernero. "We don't even know if Prentiss is straight," he tells me. Bernero was coy about whether or not we'll actually see any girl-on-girl action, but he did say that Hotch and Prentiss are an essential pair. "I think what's more important to us is their friendship. It's too important to mess up with them sleeping together."

Are Andy and Erin the new Jim and Pam on The Office? — Melanie
MICKEY: "They're very different characters than Jim and Pam," says executive producer Greg Daniels. "Jim and Pam were reasonable and were smarter than the room. I don't think anyone thinks that Andy or Erin is smarter than the room. They do like each other though." Daniels says that for now, Andy and Erin will be more about the funny things that happen as they fumble toward a relationship.

The sexual tension between Castle and Beckett is starting to heat up. When are these two going to hook up already? — Mike
ADAM: Not any time soon, I'm afraid. The next obstacle will be a guest-starring Alyssa Milano, who plays Castle's one that got away. "A bridesmaid is murdered at a wedding, and Castle shows up on the scene where his old flame is the bride," creator Andrew W. Marlowe tells me. "It sets off a story about doubt and second chances, which creates an interesting love triangle for the episode." The good news: Marlowe knows what you want. "We always want to play fair with the audience... but you have to handle it carefully. Our intent is to continue to mine the fun of what we have right now."

Now that we know Val is pregnant with Ryan's baby on V, does that rule out Tyler and Lisa from procreating as well? — Cecily
MICKEY: You can't rule anything out! Just listen to what Laura Vandervoort told us: "Val's going to be the first one to have an alien baby, but I don't know if the baby is going to survive or something's going to happen." Did you notice the emphasis she placed on first? We did.

What can you tease about Brothers & Sisters? — Bev
ADAM: In typical Walker fashion, nearly everybody will find out that Rebecca is pregnant before Justin. He won't really notice though, since he'll be focused on midterm grades lower than a cadaver's body temperature. Meanwhile, Sarah is going to become suspicious of Nora's new boy toy... perhaps with very good reason.

Any word on Naveen Andrews returning to Lost? — Maureen
MICKEY: There's been no word on Andrews heading back to Hawaii just yet (hmmm...), but I have heard more about his SVU episode. It also features guest-starring gigs from Sarah Paulson (Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip) and Valerie Cruz (who played Isabel on True Blood). I'm hearing the role is quite a departure for Andrews, and that it's an effort to attract the attention of casting agents for post-Lost work.

Got any Heroes scoop? — Justin
ADAM: Todd Stashwick (The Riches) kicks off his guest role in Monday's episode. He plays Eli, who fills the void as Samuel's right-hand man now that Edgar (Ray Park) has split from the carnival. Also, expect to see a lot of Eli: He has the ability to replicate.

What can you tell me about the Ugly Betty Bahamas episode? — Teri
MICKEY: Love is in the air, of course. Two characters will seek meaningless sex, three former couples will reunite and at least one of the women of Mode will go topless.

With V on hiatus, will Laura Vandervoort return to Smallville for an episode or two? — Jackie
ADAM: No one would love to see it more than me, Jackie. Well, OK, maybe the chatty Laura Vandervoort, who sadly informed us that the outlook's not so good right now. "[The producers] had to get rid of my story line because it just didn't fit into the Lois-and-Clark direction that they were heading. If Super Girl is hanging out, she can save everyone as well." The good news: If the writers ever see fit to release Kara from Kandor, Vandervoort is in.

Any Cougar Town scoop? — Hannah
MICKEY: It's Thanksgiving, and Grayson and Bobby both make confessions that put them at odds. I don't want to get you excited, but the episode also features a montage. Because what captures the holiday's spirit of gratitude better than Kenny Loggins' "Playin' with the Boys"?

Dexter has gotten so good! What else is coming up? — Gene
ADAM: It will be tough to top the reveal that Christine is Trinity's daughter, but let me try. It seems Frank Lundy missed some clues when he decided to call his pet serial killer Trinity. Dexter will soon discover that Trinity's kill cycle actually contains four victims.

Mickey's Mega Rave: Call me a sucker, but Grey's Anatomy's "Holidaze" episode really got to me. Sure, Owen and Cristina's kiss was a little praying mantis-y, but strong work from Chandra Wilson and James Pickens Jr. demonstrated how Grey's has really progressed from being The Mer-Der Show. I even thought the McSteamy love child story showed promise. And then my heart grew three sizes and all the Whos in Whoville sang a song. There, I said it!

Adam's Mini Rant: Well, Mickey, you're a sucker. Aside from being overstuffed (three holidays in one episode, really?), I felt the episode wasted the formidable Frankie Faison as Bailey's grumbling papa bear. Seriously, who doesn't know that doctors sacrifice their lives and Christmas dinners to save people?

Reader Quote of the Week: "If he had not died, how many would he have won? ZERO. Is David Carradine going to win an Oscar now?" — tripod, on Michael Jackson winning four American Music Awards

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