Olivia Wilde (<i>House</i>), Ali Larter (<i>Heroes</i>), Kiefer Sutherland (<i>24</i> Olivia Wilde (House), Ali Larter (Heroes), Kiefer Sutherland (24

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House is my favorite show, but I am getting sick of this season's Thirteen-centered storylines. When will we see more of Wilson, who has been woefully underused? —  Gillian
MATT: Personally, I'm (Olivia) Wilde for Thirteen, partly because her portrayer gives great quotes on the red carpet (and, ahem, is definitely not chilly). But I hear your woe, and can promise that Robert Sean Leonard has meaty stuff coming up later this season, only some of which has to do with Wilson's long-lost brother. Also, for what it's worth (and as hinted at this week), we'll also be spending a bit more time with Peter Jacobson's Taub. 

I hear that either Hayden Panettiere or Ali Larter wants to be released from her Heroes contract. Is this true? — Brian
One of the key Heroes dies at the end of this volume, so that would be an easy out. But Larter recently said she's "100 percent part of Heroes" and Panettiere repped hard for the show at the Super Bowl. We all know actresses never lie. Also, we all know the fate of the world relies on the cheerleader, so why would NBC let her go?

Any news about 24's Jack and Renee? — Hilla
MATT: Finally, another fan of this would-be couple! Sit next to me, and I'll share with you that next week, Agent Walker will channel her inner Jack Bauer - and when dealing with a mother and child, no less! Said ordeal will ultimately lead to a "close moment" between Renee and the actual, tactile Jack Bauer. 

I buy Kelly as the guidance counselor and Brenda being in town for a play. But how are they going to bring Tori Spelling's Donna into the 90210 fold? —  Jill
MICKEY: Remember my idea? Well, let's just say I wasn't that far off — at least about the Japan part. But I can't take credit for the Kelly-Donna scene in the lesbian bar; that's all them. 

May I ask for some Grey's Anatomy scoop about Cristina/Owen? There isn't much worth watching this season, but those two rock the house. — Sabrina
MATT: There are no truly happy times ahead for these two, but maybe that's a good thing. Because as McArmy's post-traumatic stress disorder manifests itself in increasingly worrisome ways, Cristina will do her best to be there for him. 

Are there plans for any other Battlestar Galactica alums to return before the finale? — David
MICKEY: Well, Kate Vernon, who plays Ellen Tigh, tells us that she'll return to the show soon "to reunite with my husband in the good old-fashioned way." Another familiar face will reappear, but my BSG mole has sworn me to secrecy. Ah, gods be damned, I'll tell you this: One of the character's initials is A, and if I gave you the other it would give it away. (And no, it's not Anastasia Dualla — she's definitely dead.) 

Has The Middleman been officially canceled?  I'm assuming that it's not coming back, but to my knowledge, ABC Family hasn't confirmed anything. — Shawn
TIM: ABC Family, which just recently announced Kyle XY's imminent end, says nothing official has been decided on The Middleman. But we have it on good authority the series has reached ... the end, man. One spot of potential good news: the network may make an announcement soon about some other format for the show. Which can only mean ... one-off episodes? A movie? 

Just curious why there is never any mention about Sherry Stringfield taking a final bow on ER? — Kimberly
MICKEY: NBC is — justifiably — all "Code Blue" about who will appear in ER's final episodes, but I have confirmed that Sherry Stringfield, my favorite former cast member, will not scrub back in. When you think about it, she already made her big return back in 2001; why should she repeat herself?

Can someone explain to me how year after year the award season comes and goes without The Unit even being mentioned? It is the best show on TV, with compelling story lines and characters portrayed by actors who actually have bona fide talent! — Kathryn
MATT: You, preacher. Me, choir. To drive your point home, I'm hearing that the episode Dennis Haysbert is currently directing (and airing in March) is one of the CBS drama's finest hours, expertly blending action and adventure with family drama. 

I absolutely love Eleventh Hour. What is the prognosis for future episodes? — Pam
MICKEY: There are six episodes left this season. Look for Meredith Grey's late mom/nemesis (aka Kate Burton) to show up in a similarly antagonistic capacity in a story about stem-cell cloning. If Hood and Burton's character were Facebook friends, their relationship status would say "It's complicated."

Personally, I didn't like Raising the Bar, but since it was on TNT, I was wondering if it's coming back. If not, what are the chances that Trust Me will make it past Season 1? — Gregg
We like you, Gregg: You seem like a TNT completist, keeping up with shows you don't even like, just because they're on the network. (Do you have the Leverage action figures yet?) Raising the Bar will be back for a second season, though there's no word yet on Trust Me. Your favorite cabler is pushing the show hard, but ratings for the first two eps have not been good.

Any news on Life? — Charlie
MICKEY: I'm told that the "Who Shot Charlie?" cliff-hanger will not reach Dallas-like proportions, but will instead be tidily resolved in short order. He is a homicide cop, after all. Once that's taken care of, Charlie and Dani (the newly pregs Sarah Shahi) will infiltrate the world of heavy metal. Mad Men fans will also be sad to bid Christina Hendricks adieu, as Charlie's dad's wedding has hit a snag. 

Matt's Mega Rave: I know many of you have derided them as cheesy, but I loved NBC's Super Bowl promos involving the Heroes. The football game offered a great showcase for every character's ability (e.g. Hiro freezing time to grab the ball), while the 'Feelin' Alright?" sing-along (with stars of Chuck and Medium) was a blast, if only just to see Sylar look at us askew and bellow a few notes. That said, AmandaDiane makes an excellent point below.

Tim's Mini Rant: In the same Saturday Night Live where "MacGruber" did a real-life ad for Pepsi, Weekend Update's Seth Meyers mocked networks for running infomercials in prime time. Meyers joked about CSI: ShamWow as if SNL hadn't just done the same kind of shilling. Was it an intentional dig at the Pepsi pimping? Or is SNL using Pepsi dollars to pay the mortgage on a glass house?

Mickey's Micro Riff: Dwight would have been fired.

Reader Quote of the Week: "Why couldn't NBC advertise their football-themed show, Friday Night Lights, during the Super Bowl? Huh? Oh, because they don't give a damn!" (AmandaDiane)

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