Sarah Shahi Sarah Shahi

Life beauty Sarah Shahi is expecting, and viewers can expect some changes for her character, according to the NBC cop drama's show runner.

"She's about four months pregnant," Rand Ravich told E! Online. Shahi's reps have yet to confirm the pregnancy.

What does this mean for Shahi's character, Dani Reese? For starters, she will be spending less time with her partner, Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis). Also, Reese will join an FBI-LAPD task force that will keep her busy off-screen and cut Shahi's workload while she is pregnant.

"[Sarah's pregnancy] is a challenge," Ravich said. "Episodic television is a grueling schedule, and Sarah and Damian were practically in every scene together, and we certainly can't expect Sarah to work 15-hour days... So we were able to carve Sarah out of the main story a little bit — keeping her always related to Crews and always involved with Crews — and just give her some relief as well."