Greg Grunberg, Jenna Fischer, George Eads Greg Grunberg, Jenna Fischer, George Eads

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Have any scoop on Heroes? — Tyler
Matt Parkman will try his best to just be a detective/family man, but he's got a little devil sitting on his shoulder trying to convince him to be more, thanks to his part in the Sylar-Nathan mind meld. "The evil part of Sylar got stuck in my subconscious, and he is slowly gaining control over me," Greg Grunberg tells me. "I have a feeling that he's going to make Matt do things that he would never, ever do in a million years." You mean like putting the show's fate in the hands of a bunch of carnies?

Are Jim and Pam actually going to get married on The Office? — Jill O.
I'm hearing they'll tie the knot in episode 4. Why the rush? Because Pam doesn't want anyone to know that she's expecting. Hilarity ensues when an unlikely party becomes her accidental confidante. (No, not Phyllis.)

It was reported that on CSI, Nick Stokes would be getting a promotion. Can you maybe clarify what "promotion" means? — Jocelyn
Nick will act as Catherine's No. 2, working alongside her much in the same way she did with Grissom. But wait, you say, isn't that pretty much what he's already doing? Maybe, so it's about time they made it official. "It is a promotion for him to a supervisory position," a CBS rep says. Hey, in this economy, you take what you can get.

Any scoop on Brothers & Sisters? — Jessica
Well, Jessica, you might have already heard that Eureka's Joe Morton will appear in seven to 10 episodes this season as Justin's med-school mentor. What you might not know is just how badly Justin needs mentoring. The ne'er-do-well Walker isn't much of a student, it seems. Luckily, Morton's character will cut Justin some slack because of his military-service background.

How is Fringe going to explain the disappearance of Kirk Acevedo's Charlie? — Anna
Reports of Acevedo's exit from the show may have been premature. In fact, Agent Francis plays a pretty big role in the thrilling season premiere, in which one main character dies, two kiss and another faces medical uncertainty.

Any scoop on The Big Bang Theory? — Trey
Forget Penny and Leonard — will Wolowitz and Koothrappali get any action this season? Yes! Thanks to the Internet, the pair will find themselves on the business end of a tattoo needle in an effort to woo their "goth" dates. Will they actually get inked up? And will their tats be as cool as mine?

Now that Mad Men is back, what can you tell us about the rest of the season? — Paul
Betty's ailing father (Ryan Cutrona) will visit, and he'll have a run-in with his granddaughter. Peggy is personally affected by a new campaign. And Don and Betty roll out the welcome wagon when Mr. Pryce's icy wife (Embeth Davidtz) arrives from across the pond. Also: everyone gets lung cancer. Oh sorry, that's in 1980.

OK, so Turk and Dr. Cox are the teachers on the new Scrubs; who are the students?
Well, you may have read that this guy has been cast as Cole, a "charming, conservative, confidently stupid and incredibly entitled" medical student. He'll be joined by the yet-to-be-cast Drew, who's kind of a mini-J.D. — in that he immediately inspires Dr. Cox's ire — and the well-meaning Lucy, whose bedside manner, unfortunately, includes pathological lying.

I was a big fan of Rescue Me, but the storylines have taken a turn for the worse this year. Any hope of improvement or should I just cross it off my list now? — Patricia
I'm of the opinion that the show has completely rescued itself this season, but I suppose it depends on your definition of "improvement." Would a totally shocking, possibly tragic season-ending jolt be an improvement? If so, then you definitely need to keep watching until the Sept. 1 season finale.

Is the Lifetime Project Runway very different from the Bravo Project Runway? — Jennifer S.
Short answer: no. I've seen the first episode, and despite the move to L.A., the Runway you've grown to love remains pretty much intact. Lindsay Lohan is the guest judge for the first challenge, which is, appropriately, to create a red-carpet look. One contestant interprets this to mean "quilted halter hoodie."

I am a newbie to the awesomeness that is Leverage! Any scooplets? — Rebecca
More awesomeness! TNT just added two more episodes to the show's summer run. The Sept. 9 finale will launch a recurring role for Star Trek: Voyager's Jeri Ryan, who plays a grifter who lends her helpful services to Nate's team of cons.

Will Royal Pains end on a cliff-hanger? — Jean
Yes, but it has less to do with Dr. Lawson than it does with his colleagues at HankMed. CFO Evan R. Lawson will run into financial trouble when he trusts the wrong financial advisor, and Divya will be faced with a life-changing decision. Both of these problems will concern parent-child relationships.

Adam's Mega Rave:
Sure, Sal's gay awakening was the splashiest subplot of the Mad Men premiere, but my fedora is off to Vincent Kartheiser. In one hour, he was twitchy, smarmy, flirty, and of course, petulant, my favorite brand of Pete Campbell. And don't even get me started on that spastic victory dance. Pass the bourbon; it's going to be a great season.

Mickey's Mini Rant:
How in the name of Dr. Dale Biberman can you make St. Elmo's Fire into a TV show? To this I say: Boogie-dah-boogie-dah-boogie-dah-ah-ah-ah! (Translation: No.)

Reader Quote of the Week:
"Poor Conan, just what I thought would happen: Prime-time Jay is going to get the likes of Jerry, while Conan will be stuck with Newman & the Soup Nazi. 'No A-listers for you!!!!'" — MyEvilTwin, on the news that Jay Leno's first guest will be Jerry Seinfeld

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