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Any news on what's ahead for Cristina and Owen on Grey's Anatomy? — Lisa
If there's one thing we know about Dr. Yang, it's that her career always comes first. Has her time with Owen changed that? We'll find out when Cristina gets stuck with a very difficult decision that could drastically affect not only her future, but also one of her closest relationships.

I'm dying for 24 to start again. What will the new cast members be up to? — Cassandra
You've probably heard Cole Ortiz (Freddie Prinze Jr.) described as a mini-Jack, but I bet you haven't heard Dana Walsh (Katee Sackhoff) described as a duplicitous liar. Now you have! Also: Jennifer Westfeldt's ambitious journalist will do anything for the story — including use those feminine wiles I've heard so much about.

I can't wait for the Southland premiere!  What can we expect in the first new episode? — Sara
The first new episode, which should air sometime in March, will very quickly resolve the Season 1 cliff-hanger. The good news: Russell (Tom Everett Scott) survives being shot. The bad news: He may be in pretty bad shape, forcing Lydia (Regina King) to work with a new partner. "What happens to him is pretty devastating," creator Ann Biderman tells me. "His role changes in a way that's surprising. Lydia will face the challenge of what it's like to work without him. It's a big part of the next episodes."

To what degree will Chuck's new spy activities be public knowledge on this season of Chuck? — DTaub35
Captain Awesome won't be the only person clued in to Chuck Bartowski's secret identity this season. "Some people might find out," Yvonne Strahovski tells us. "Somebody finds out from the family. Dramatic pause. Somebody else finds out. That's all I can say." (Yes, she said "dramatic pause.")

Is there any chance we'll see more Vance on NCIS: Los Angeles? — Marty
Rocky Carroll tells me that Vance's video check-ins are all he's expecting for now. "I like that Vance is not used in exactly the same capacity in both shows," Carroll says. But there is one particular way he'd like to get drawn into the L.A. mix. "I'm hoping that there's another case that's personal to Vance that makes him have to get on a plane and go to LA. Something that's part of his personal life, I think that would be great."

Are Gossip Girl's Rufus and Lily going to be able to last? — Jamie
Executive producer Josh Schwartz, ever the romantic, lays out the odds. "I hope so, but it's Gossip Girl so no one is happy for long," he says. Does this mean that Rufus won't take the news of Lily's secret rendezvous with Serena's dad so well? There's a certain trophy wife out there who knows the answer.

I hate the idea of a Criminal Minds spin-off. Is there a way you can assure the fans that nothing is going to change and they won't steal writers and stories from the original? — Diane
Who am I, State Farm? I can't guarantee anything, but I can ask executive producer Ed Bernero to give it a shot. "The 19th episode [which could launch the spin-off] is going to be a Criminal Minds episode and you'll meet some new people," he says, downplaying the future possibilities. "We're focused on doing the best Criminal Minds episodes we can and introducing these new characters. And if it goes, it goes. We all really care about the first show."

I can't wait for Big Love to start again. Any scoop on the new season? — Gertie
You'd think the big Big news would be that Bill and wives finally open a casino, but no! You see, at the same time that happens, Bill receives a higher calling: to run for office. I hear there's a prophet vacancy!

So, was Dexter's Season 4 finale as close as Deb will come to learning her brother's true secret of being a serial killer? — Will
Nope. Not only did executive producer Sara Colleton say that the story line won't be dropped, she called it the biggest one of the series. When it will be resolved, however, is a mystery. But C.S. Lee (who plays Masuka) thinks it should be soon: "It has to happen in Season 5," he says. "That has to come to some sort of fruition and when that does... wow!"

Without revealing who dies, can you tell me how things will be different on Desperate Housewives in January? — Matt
What goes around comes around, Matt, and in the wake of the Wisteria Lane tragedy, two Housewives will find themselves taking care of the men in their lives — with the help of qualified medical professionals, of course.

Any scoop on The Closer's Sharon Raydor? I really want to see her hook up with Will Pope. — Kelly
Closer creator James Duff kept quiet about a potential Raydor-Pope hookup, but he did say that Mary McDonnell and J.K. Simmons will share two big scenes. Duff was much more forthcoming about Raydor's interaction with Brenda. "[Brenda is] put into a very awkward position," he says. "She doesn't like having to help out Capt. Raydor. She takes her orders very literally — so literally that she's indirectly responsible for someone being shot."

Any 90210 scoop? — Melinda
Remember how satisfying it was when Naomi finally got her revenge on her monstrous sister Jen? And then remember how sad you were at the departure of Sara Foster, the talented actress who plays the piranha-in-Prada? Well, fear not! Jen will be back, and her re-entry into the 90210-sphere is one of those improbable, only-on-TV developments that will make you chuckle. It will have a different effect on Naomi.

Adam's Mega Rave: Seeing lots of dead bodies is nothing new on Dexter, especially in a season finale. But the final corpse revealed in Season 4 (if you haven't seen it yet, get on that!) provided the perfect shock to cap off the series' stellar fourth season. The wait for new episodes is going to be, you know, killer.

Mickey's Mini Rant: Oprah Winfrey's Christmas at the White House special was neither informative nor entertaining. (If I could be animated by Chuck Jones, I would be.)

Reader Quote of the Week: "Leaving Zucker in charge is like allowing the captain of the Titanic another chance at the iceberg." — QDM53, on the news that Jeff Zucker will continue at NBC's helm

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