David Boreanaz (<i>Bones</i>), Jenna Fischer (<i>The Office</i>), Justin Chambers (<i>Grey's Anatomy</i>) David Boreanaz (Bones), Jenna Fischer (The Office), Justin Chambers (Grey's Anatomy)

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Any news about what's coming up for Alex on Grey's Anatomy? — Emma
He'll have a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment of flirtation with Lexie in the Oct. 28 episode, but his primary focus will be on a young girl who needs her trachea replaced. And though Alex maintains his stint in pediatrics has nothing to do with him being a softie for the kids, you can judge for yourself when he sings a few bars of a Justin Bieber tune to calm his patient while she's getting an MRI.

I heard that the guy from Justified was going to be on The Office. What's that all about? —Carl
Show some respect, Carl! The man's name is Timothy Olyphant, and he'll play Danny on The Office. Danny's a really successful, kinda hot salesman who works for a Dunder Mifflin competitor. Pam has a bit of a past with him, but guess who has his present? Meredith!

When are we going to meet the Bones sniper everyone's been talking about? — Melanie
All signs point to very soon. The show has begun looking for an actor to play the three-episode role of an elite sniper who is suspected in the assassination of an important character. This particular suspect is an ex-Army sharpshooter who left his previous post in disgrace after being a little too trigger-happy during a hostage situation. He has been hiding under the names of other famous snipers, including Booth's, which is ultimately what leads the FBI straight to him. Well, that and the fact that he's the only person besides Booth who could make such an impossible kill shot.

Modern Family, please! — Ellen
I have two scoops about upcoming episodes, and they are most definitely not related. In one house, a handsome neighbor with a great body will attend a hot-tub party. In the other, a family will literally unplug in an attempt to use less electricity. The result in both cases: mayhem, of course.

I love Blue Bloods. Got any scoop? — Rob
We'll get a peek into Frank's past when the show introduces his former partner, Jimmy, who once saved Frank's life and vice versa. Hoping to take advantage of their strong friendship, Jimmy asks for a promotion to commander. Look for things to get heated, however, when Frank suspects that Jimmy has been cooking the books and skewing crime numbers in his division.

We are loving Boardwalk Empire — any chance you have scoop for us? — Natasha and Nagit
Are you ready for a catfight — or at least a polite, Prohibition-era version of one? When Margaret waits on Lucy in the dress shop, their business will turn unexpectedly personal. You'll be surprised at how much these ladies have in common besides Nucky. 

What's going on with Kevin and Scotty on Brothers & Sisters? I thought they were going to adopt Mateo? — Cassie
Think of Mateo as a stepping stone. He opened Kevin and Scotty's minds to the idea of being foster parents, but it'll be a precocious Latina girl who lets them put the thought into practice. Despite her many charms, though, foster care has hardened her, and she is very angry.

On Cougar Town, what's new on the Jules and Grayson front? They seem shaky at the moment. — Colleen
Remember last season when Jules said she saw Grayson's ex-wife pregnant and it killed him since they got divorced because he wanted to have kids and she said she didn't? Well, her painful presence is back, except this time in the flesh. I'm hearing that her Facebook relationship status will be "complicated," and so then will be Jules and Grayson's.

What's next for Lois and Clark after Smallville's amazing 200th episode? — Jason
Look for Clark to spend some QT with Lois' family when General Lane (Michael Ironside) and Lois' wild-child sis, Lucy (Peyton List), return later this month. "Clark [is] getting to see a little bit more about Lois' existence ... and what a happy, messy, wrecked-up life she has and how he fits into that," Erica Durance tells us.

Gabourey Sidibe is fantastic on The Big C what's going on with Andrea? — Henry
After her run-in with Adam, she's not a big fan of the Jamisons, but Cathy isn't going to let her quit summer school, is she? Interestingly, Andrea tells a lie and ultimately it leads Cathy to tell Paul the truth.

Have you heard anything about the new season of Southland? — Brandon
I have, indeed. Look for a sexy redhead to catch Ben Sherman's eye. Unfortunately, it's only after Ben hooks up with the possibly recurring character that he learns of her long history of flirting her way into cops' beds.

Will we see Wil Wheaton again soon on The Big Bang Theory? — Terry
Yes! Like a bad penny, Wil Wheaton always turns up, doesn't he? This time, Sheldon and Leonard will run into their nemesis at a screening of Raiders of the Lost Ark, and he'll commit one of the cardinal sins of movie-theater etiquette.

Adam's Mega Rave: Forget Don proposing to Megan — the real highlight of Mad Men's Season 4 finale was Peggy and Joan commiserating about how their contributions to the agency were once again overlooked by their male colleagues. After four seasons of being frenemies, the two finally let loose and celebrate themselves rather than the dolts around them. I will now imagine that scene as the beginning of the women's movement.

Mickey's Mini Rant: On a show called Top Chef: Just Desserts, you're going to make a dress out of vegetables? Vegetables are not dessert, no matter what Alice Waters says.

(Additional reporting by Natalie Abrams and Kate Stanhope)

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