T.R. Knight (<I>Grey's Anatomy</i>), Greg Grunberg (<I>Heroes</i>) and Jeremy Davies (<I>Lost</i>) T.R. Knight (Grey's Anatomy), Greg Grunberg (Heroes) and Jeremy Davies (Lost)

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Is there anything to report about the new season of Grey's Anatomy? — Jenny
MATT: I know there's been talk that Season 6 might pick up a few months after the nail-biting May finale, but sources tell me that's not the case. In fact, the Sept. 24 opener will find both Izzie and disfigured George still coding — and as anyone following the headlines can tell you, T.R. Knight isn't returning to the cast. Over the two-hour premiere, watch for the outcome of this traumatic scenario to weigh heavily on a lot of people — including at least one doctor whose reaction you may have taken for granted. (See related casting exclusive.)

Heroes' Greg Grunberg has hinted that Matt's super-powered son may not have gotten all his powers from daddy. Is Janice a hero, too? — Curtis
TIM: Maybe so, says Lisa Lackey, the Australian actress/"superhero" boasting an amazing ability to inhabit fictional characters such as Janice. "That would be fantastic," she says, "because, I've got to say, it's a little boring being the only one who doesn't have a power. It would be very interesting if she knew more than she was letting on." As of shooting on the Season 4's fourth episode, however, no powers have emerged. Look for our full interview with Lackey soon.

Will there be any new ladies on 90210 this season? — Jamie
MICKEY: There will, Jamie! I have it on good authority that while Teddy is off reducing Silver and Annie's self-esteem, Dixon will be enjoying the company of a new girl in town. There's not much I can say about her just yet, except that she's older, gorgeous and very gooooooal!-oriented.

Your Q&A with Titus Welliver made me even more impatient for Lost's return (as if that were possible). Got any other scoop on the final season? — Meg
It depends on what you make of the following: TVGuide.com editor Adam Bryant just returned from a trip to Hawaii, and during a tour of Lost filming locations, the wooden structure from which Jughead originally dangled was still erect on Oahu. Keeping in mind that Lost is meticulous about putting away their toys after they are done being used, I ask: Why is a set piece from the 1954 storyline still camera-ready? (ABC had no comment.)

Can you tell us if someone actually gets hurt in the CSI: NY Season 6 opener? Everyone is talking about the rumor of Danny being shot in the drive-by. — Catie
TIM: A show rep promises the premiere will take viewers on a dazzling ride and answer many questions — including who lives and who dies. But CSI: NY needs to keep Danny around for storylines involving his and Lindsay's attempts to balance work, romance, and a new baby who keeps him up at nights. He'll only wish he was dead.

Is it true that Michelle Trachtenberg has been promoted to series regular on Gossip Girl? — William
MICKEY: No, it's not true, but I can understand why you might think that, since the Season 2 finale indicated that Georgina would be enrolling at NYU with the gang. Not only will Trachtenberg's fall run on Gossip Girl be brief, but the actress' other show, the NBC nursing drama Mercy, has just been moved up from midseason to allow for Maura Tierney's breast tumor surgery. So with Mercy rushed into production, Trachtenberg will be otherwise occupied.

Can I have some Private Practice scoop? — Fernando
MATT: Are you wondering who (if anyone) will save Violet from her non-elective C-section? While some speculate that Cooper will return to Violet's abode, Tim Daly leaves open the possibility that it's Pete who will come a-knockin' at the opportune time. "The only thing I will say is that, knowing Shonda [Rhimes], whatever is the least convenient thing to happen will happen," Daly told me with a laugh. "She always finds a way of making it very difficult on everybody, and I like that — even if I sometimes disagree with it."

Any scoop on Castle? I love that show. — Joni
TIM: Season 2's opening scene finds Det. Beckett more than a little annoyed at Castle's celebrity as he celebrates the release of his new book with a story in Cosmopolitan... and two women dressed in skimpy police uniforms. It seems Beckett is a little tired of being seen not just as a seasoned professional but as Castle's potential love interest. Unfortunately for the character, that's precisely why she's on the show.

I can't wait for Glee to start again! Any scoop? — Julianne
MICKEY: Question for you, Julianne. Are you as sick of the "Single Ladies" choreography as jokey Internet meme (see: here, here, here and here) as I am? That's too bad for both of us, because it's the inspiration for an entire episode in which Kurt joins the football team. Also: Somebody's pregnant, and it ain't Will's wife.

Will The Big Bang Theory approach Roseanne Barr to play Wolowitz's mom? Their screeching voices are eerily similar, and there are already several ties to Barr's former show. — Paul
MATT: Between Johnny Galecki, Sara Gilbert and exec producer Chuck Lorre, the CBS hitcom does share much DNA with Roseanne. Barr, however, won't share DNA with Wolowitz. As Big Bang cocreator Bill Prady tells the Buzz, "Carol Ann Susi loves her job as the off-screen bane of Howard's existence because, as she often says, she gets to work with wonderful people and doesn't have to put on make-up. There are no plans for any other actress to play the role." Need more Big scoop, Paul? Get thee to the San Diego Comic-Con on Friday, July 24, at 1 pm, Ballroom 20.

Now that Drea de Matteo is on Desperate Housewives, will she no longer be on Sons of Anarchy? — Jennifer
How big a presence will Ally Walker's blistering ATF agent, June Stahl, have in Sons of Anarchy's second season, now that SAMCRO's world has been invaded by Neo-Nazis? — Aino
TIM: De Matteo's move to the 'burbs signals the end of her Sons run. The actress isn't currently slated to film anything for Season 2. Walker will be back, however, as Stahl still has plenty of scores to settle in Charming.

Thanks for the news about Kyra Sedgwick's daughter, Sosie Bacon, appearing on The Closer. But how does Brenda have a niece? I thought she was an only child.  — Hattie
MATT: Au contraire, Brenda has three freres, a fact mentioned at least once, during Season 3's Christmas episode. Specifically, it is her brother Bobby's daughter, Charlene "Charlie" Johnson, who pays L.A. a visit during the final four episodes of this season.

Tim's Mega Rave: I couldn't be more jazzed about Mad Men returning in just over a month, on Aug. 16. Will they dive right into the Kennedy assassination now that the show is jumping to circa-1964? Or skip to the ol' crazy Daisy ad? I'm dying to know. Brilliant as they are, these can't tide me over any more.

Mickey's Mini Rant: Of all the Jacksons in the world (a list that includes Michael, Janet, Jermaine, Randy, Tito, Rebbie, La Toya, Katherine, Paris, Prince Michael, Blanket, Samuel L., Joshua, Action and Browne), Joe Jackson is my least favorite. Get off my TV and recede into obscurity now, kthxbai!

Matt's Micro Riff: Get well soon, Maura Tierney!

Reader Quote of the Week: "Joe Jackson is teaming up with O.J. to find the real killers." (MyEvilTwin, on the Jackson patriarch's belief that "foul play" figured into Michael's passing)

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