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What's Cristina up to when Grey's Anatomy returns? — Jenni
ADAM: She won't be great. While Cristina is usually the rock the other docs lean on, her reaction to the traumatic season finale rampage takes longer to sort out than some of the other surgeons. In fact, when she is finally cleared to go back into surgery, an accident in the OR freaks her out so much that she collapses into a sobbing mess on the floor.

Can we get some more Modern Family scoop? — Rusty
MICKEY: If you were as tickled as we were to discover that Mitchell and Claire were once an figure-skating duo named Fire and Ice, you're going to love the next nugget of shame we extract from the Pritchett family vault. It seems that young Mitch was once ... a child actor. Roll the tapes, please!

Have you learned any extra details about Sela Ward's character on CSI: NY? — Elle
ADAM: I got a few straight from Ward's mouth during a recent visit to the set. Her character, Jo Danville, has a son, whom she adopted from a woman she helped put away. She's also amicably divorced, which Ward says she hopes will lead to some romantic tension between Jo and Gary Sinise's Mac. Also, her first day on the job will be a doozy: She finds a dead body — in the crime lab!

I haven't heard anything about a Sam Waterston type for Law & Order: Los Angeles yet. Will there be a district attorney? — Joel
MICKEY: Yep, and we're hearing that Deputy District Attorney Dekker (Terrence Howard) is not a fan. Like most DAs in the Law & Order universe, LO:LA's will be very politically motivated, especially when it comes to the police, whose support he needs for re-election. Another fun LO:LA fact: Skeet Ulrich's character, Detective Winters, is married to a woman who was once his partner — and his mistress!

I'm dying to know how One Tree Hill will resolve the Quinn-Clay cliffhanger! — Samantha
ADAM: They both initially survive the shooting, but Clay is in pretty bad shape. We're hearing that he is still in the hospital as of Episode 3, and it could get even more grim: In that same episode, viewers will spend lots of time with Clay's ghost.

This baby-switch storyline on Desperate Housewives seems a little dark. How can the powers that be possibly avoid tragedy in telling it? — Angela N.
MICKEY: I don't know, but it seems that they can. We've been sworn to secrecy, of course, but suffice it to say that people can be related in many ways. Perhaps the switch happened for a very good reason, and that it's ultimately for the best — for both kids in question.

Is it really over between Rigsby and Van Pelt on The Mentalist? — Amber
ADAM: It is for now, at least on the surface. "They're skirting around the idea. They're pretending that they're OK with the fact that they're not dating anymore, but they're not OK with it," says Amanda Righetti, who feels the 'shippers' pain. "I was sad they weren't together longer. There's something about his protectiveness with her that I think is really charming."

Who are the new boyfriends this season on Gossip Girl? — Lisa
MICKEY: We already told you that Serena will play le field a bit in Paris. But besides armfuls of couture and croissant-related love handles, she may also tote a cute boy back to New York. But don't get too attached. He's an older man with responsibilities — and he may not have the patience for S. & Co.'s collegiate antics.

What can you tell me about the returns of Brainiac and Supergirl on Smallville? — Jeff
ADAM: James Marsters returns as Brainiac 5, who, despite being a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes in the comic books, executive producer Kelly Souders describes as "a slippery fish" with a questionable moral compass. As for Supergirl, expect her to have a more dramatic impact this time around: "She's going to shake up the world for our superheroes," Souders says.

Is Bill really going to be in the state Senate this season on Big Love? — Cheryl Lin
MICKEY: Yes, although so far it seems like the greater legacy of Season 4's wild tangle of plotlines is going to be Bill's dangerous declaration. Joining him at the Statehouse will be two young Mormon men who have taken very different paths to get there. The first is a former "lost boy" who, like Bill, has eked out a respectable life despite his challenges. The second has had it easier, and his sheltered upbringing will present itself in his most unusual relationship with women.

When will Jesse figure out that Michael burned him on Burn Notice? — Mitch
ADAM: It will definitely happen before the finale, and things are going to get ugly — and deadly — fast. "There is a big blowout," Sharon Gless tells us. "I can say without ruining the story that Jesse's going to try to kill Michael." Wow, what can't she say?

Confirm for me my suspicion that Kate is not really dead on White Collar. — Jonathan S.
MICKEY: I'll do no such thing. Instead I'll say only that Kate will be returning to the show in a manner that will present her character, and that plane explosion, in a very different light. It won't be good news for poor Neal.

Adam's Mega Rave: Three episodes in and Jon Hamm already has his Emmy tape for this season of Mad Men. His effortless transition into Dick Whitman was punctuated this time around by his heartbreaking goodbye to the unknowingly cancer-stricken Anna, who, sadly, probably won't ever meet the Draper kids.

Mickey's Mini Rant: If you stay in the house, Angelina, you really are going to get your a-- beat — by Jersey Shore viewers.

Reader Quote of the Week: "I wish we could find a remote island somewhere and move the Palins, the Gosselins, Mel Gibson, Lindsay Lohan, the balloon boy and his family there. They could all start their own dysfunctional society." — marsky, reacting to Levi Johnston's decision to run for mayor of Wasilla, Alaska — for a reality show, of course.

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