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I'm tired of Callie and Arizona fighting on Grey's Anatomy. Is there happiness ahead for them? — Nicole
ADAM: The people behind the show are big fans of the Calzona pairing and are committed to seeing the couple through their differences over having a baby. But don't take my word for it. "I really do feel like Callie and Arizona are made for each other," creator Shonda Rhimes tells us. "They're one of those couples that you adore seeing together, and when they're in pain, you're in pain. ... So I think that there's hope."

What have you heard about the 24 movie? — Cary
MICKEY: There's a script, but the studio hasn't read or approved it, so any intel must be taken with a grain of salt. As of now, the movie finds Jack all over Eastern Europe, but particularly in Prague. Of all the cast members past and present, only Chloe (Mary Lynn Rajskub) is being considered to appear alongside Jack. Further, I'm hearing that no effort will be made for the film to be canonical — that is, it won't necessarily be a "sequel" to the TV series. (Double-secret scoop: I hear it might feature a mole.)

Anything about the CSI finale that doesn't involve Dr. Jekyll? — Beverly
ADAM: Make no mistake: Dr. Jekyll is the main attraction. But fans who enjoy seeing Catherine and Detective Vartan together will get another taste of the pairing in the season's final episode. Marg Helgenberger tells us, however, not to assume there will be a big romantic scene. "It's like we usually do with physical relationships on the show — it's all very subtle," she says. "But it definitely leads to a continuing relationship. Things are going really well."

Huge Glee fan here! Sue Sylvester scoop, please! — Damon
MICKEY: "I'm going to get my heart broken a little bit, but you won't cry because I deserve it," Jane Lynch tells us. Could she be talking about that creepy-fabulous tête-à-tête that Sue will have with Neil Patrick Harris' Brian Ryan?

I love NCIS: Los Angeles. Will we ever know Callen's first name? — Natalie
ADAM: As luck would have it, that is one of the big mysteries to be addressed in the Callen-centric season finale. "We have this huge trail, and it leads us to some potential answers about Callen's past and who he is," Barrett Foa tells us, though I wouldn't bet on getting all your questions answered this season. "We do get closer to it, and I think the fans will be satiated in some way." Foa also says the ops center will be seriously compromised, and that the breach will create major headaches for Eric.

There seem to be a lot of new people in the cast of True Blood. What will our old favorites do? — TeamAnna
MICKEY: Watch for Jessica to steal the show a little. While Sookie's off looking for Bill, and Pam and Eric recommit themselves to Fangtasia, Jessica is going to be left to her own devices for a bit, and by devices we mean her overgrown choppers. Her feasting will cause quite a scene in Bon Temps, which will require other vampires to step in in an advisory capacity. In other words, Jess is so grounded.

I've been a fan of Sam Neill for years, so I'd love some scoop on Happy Town. — Doris 
As you may have guessed already, Neill's character, Merritt Grieves, is more than just a guy who wants to sell movie memorabilia. His mysterious past will slowly be revealed, and star Geoff Stults says there's an interesting connection between Grieves and M.C. Gainey's Sherriff Conroy. "My character's father and Greives have some past [history]; my character's father doesn't want him around," Stults says. "He might be a good guy, he might be a bad guy, or he might be a little of both, but there's a reason he's there. He's looking for something."

I think V needs more lizards, don't you? — Avi
Personally, yes. I love lizards! But the creators of the V remake have been aiming for more action than sci-fi — hence the shortage of all things green and scaly. Executive producer Scott Rosenbaum says that won't change. "You won't see the full-on what the Visitors look like underneath [until early in] Season 2," he says. Yes, he said Season 2, and he said it with confidence.

When are we going to see more between Raylan and Winona's husband on Justified? — Brandon
Very soon. The folks Raylan investigated for Winona a few weeks ago will come looking for the money they gave Gary in the May 11 episode. William Ragsdale, who plays Gary, says Raylan is reluctant to help. "There's a murky area about what Raylan's able to do, what he's comfortable doing, and what Gary needs done," Ragsdale says. "And there's the emotional part too — he's basically saving his ex-wife's husband's butt, and that doesn't sit perfectly well." Before it's all over, Ragsdale says, "multiple things hit the fan."

Why aren't more people watching Community? — Hawley
MICKEY: Because Advil is expensive, that's why. And how else does one treat all those split sides and busted guts? If you're a fan of Alien, Predator or The Matrix, you'll love this week's episode, "Modern Warfare," in which a campus-wide paintball game allows Greendale's finest to trot out more action-movie clichés that you can shake a sexually tense wound-dressing scene at.

So is Jesse really going to work with Walt on Breaking Bad, or is he setting him up? — Wayne
ADAM: I'll admit I also wondered if Jesse had ulterior (and angry) motives when he accepted Walt's $1.5 million offer. But, Aaron Paul assures us that isn't the case. "It comes from a very genuine place," Paul says. "I think the entire time Jesse's in the hospital, he was able to just vent and tell Walt what was on his mind. Walt and Jesse have gone through the darkest rabbit hole possible and climbed out of it, but they're together. They definitely have this strange bond, and I think it's very genuine."

Is Royal Pains coming back this summer? — Lorraine
MICKEY: Yep. Keeping with the "eternal summer" concept, Season 2 starts on June 3 pretty much where we left off. Hank and Evan are still dealing with the sobering reality that their deadbeat dad (guest star Henry Winkler) has bankrupted them. As a result, their Hamptons summer will be less swinging, and they'll both have to find other ways to pay the bills.

Mickey's Mega Rave: "Brown Betty," Fringe's musical episode, was a nice palate-cleanser after Peter's acrimonious discovery that Walter kidnapped him from an alternate universe. Not only do cast members Anna Torv, Jasika Nicole and Lance Reddick sport some serious pipes, but Walter's allegorical fairy tale about broken hearts was particularly poignant in the wake of Peter's disappearance.

Adam's Mini Rant: I understand that ladies like to look at him, but I'm not sure I can stand a whole season of Gilles Marini and his flat line readings on Brothers & Sisters. Do we really need an extra series regular on this show?

Reader Quote of the Week: "Sounds like Chuck in 10  years! So how about just renewing Chuck and letting J.J. focus on the new Star Trek movie? " — deathvalleyjason, on NBC ordering J.J. Abrams' new spy drama, Undercovers

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