Naya Rivera, Nina Dobrev, Sofia Vergara Naya Rivera, Nina Dobrev, Sofia Vergara

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I still can't believe Santana and Brittany broke up. Is there any hope on the horizon for my favorite Glee couple? — Sarah
"They are able to stay friends," Naya Rivera tells us. "The way that it was handled, even though it was really sad, everyone was on the same page with it. There isn't any bad blood." That doesn't mean that Santana won't struggle with the decision, which will make her time in Kentucky that much harder. "Santana is lost right now after the breakup, and you could sense in that episode that she wasn't quite happy," Rivera adds. Can we hope that that means that a reconciliation is forthcoming?

Stefan and Elena seem like they're in a good place on The Vampire Diaries. Will they stay that way? —Farrah
Those two are definitely in it for the long haul. But while they had some meaningful conversations about their future in the premiere, this week's episode will bring trouble to paradise. Expect Elena and Stefan to clash after a particular "interaction" between Elena and Damon. "It's something unintentionally hurtful she does to Stefan that she has to then deal with the repercussions of," executive producer Julie Plec says. (For more on the aforementioned scene, check back Thursday for our Vampire Diaries Bite.)

Anything fun coming up on Modern Family? — Jessica
Rocky times are ahead for Jay and Gloria, the latter of whom thinks her husband is cheating! Now, I know what you're thinking: Why would anyone ever be unfaithful to Sofia Vergara? It's a fair point, but ask yourself this: Why is Jay sneaking around a hotel?

Is there anything you can share about the Kevin McKidd-directed episode of Grey's Anatomy? — Joan
We can tell you that because of Standards and Practices, you won't be seeing something really big in that episode. No, not some crazy, hot, awesome sex. We literally mean big. "We have a guy with hugely inflamed testicles, which is tricky because we have to shoot around them, which is not easy," McKidd tells us. The episode will also feature a standoff between Jackson and Webber in regards to the former Chief dating his mother (the returning Debbie Allen) — and Bailey will have some choice words about the matter.

How badly will Lindsay be injured on this week's CSI: NY? — Shelly
Lindsay will suffer a blow that keeps her in a hospital bed for virtually the entire episode. (Danny and little Lucy adorably keep near-constant vigil at her bedside.) But don't worry: Lindsay will be back on her feet by episode's end. However, as the recently shot Mac proves in the same hour, sometimes healing from traumatic experiences can be a long, frustrating process.

How I Met Your Mother! Robin Sparkles! Details! — JJ
Yes, Cobie Smulders got us overly excited with this. But Robin Sparkles' return is not so much about going to the mall. It's more like, let's go on the road, eh? The Nov. 19 episode will offer a glimpse into what life on tour was like for the Canadian teen sensation. Might the episode title, "Twelve Horny Women," be a clue? We're scared if it is!

Last Resort's heating up! What's coming next? — Brad
A good portion of the men under Chaplin's command are becoming a bit antsy about their current assignment. How antsy? Chaplin will have to stave off not one, but two assassination attempts by his own men. These brushes with death will force Chaplin to consider letting some of the crew leave the island and head home.

Ack! Hershel's leg looks disgusting on The Walking Dead! Will you at least give me some good news about Maggie and Glenn? — Linda
I really wish I could, but Lauren Cohan says the strength of their relationship will actually be a bad thing. "Glenn and Maggie will be challenged because the love that they have for each other definitely can be used against them at some point." In completely related news, here's this from executive producer Glen Mazzara: "The Governor definitely uses people against each other." Yes, you should be afraid for the star-crossed lovers.

has been AMAZING! What will Carrie do now that she knows the truth about Brody? — Carl
She'll probably just hang around the house, maybe take up knitting. No, of course she's going after Brody and she's going to go hard. But once again, Carrie may end up wishing she'd been more patient. After all, what does that tape prove exactly?

Love that Matt Bomer is going to be on New Normal! —Harry
Justin Bartha does not share your sentiment. "I am f---ed. He's a good looking man," he jokes. Bomer, who is playing Bryan's ex-boyfriend, will be popping up in the same episode in which David's mother returns and we finally meet his father. "The ex-boyfriend character does deal with my family also and everyone is together, so everything has ramifications" he says.

Covert Affairs
scoop, please! — Rachel
How about the good news first? Auggie won't have any new love interests in the remaining five episodes of Season 3 — but that doesn't mean there won't be anybody else in his life. "I wouldn't necessarily say there's no more Parker (Devin Kelley)," Christopher Gorham teases. Ah, could she have seen the error of her ways? (No pun intended.)

Got anything on Apartment 23? — Diego
If you thought Chloe's shenanigans last season were crazy, just wait until you see what she makes June do when Chloe brings her home for the holidays (Hint: Her mom may be pleased.) We'll also learn a lot more about her background this season. For instance, "We find out that she is a registered sex offender," Krysten Ritter reveals. "It's hilarious, but not that surprising. It's definitely a gray area. He was 17, so what? He was very mature."

Natalie's Mega Rave:
Once Upon a Time knows how to pull at the heartstrings in all the right ways. Case in point: When Snow brings Emma home to her once-beautiful nursery, we couldn't help but reach for the tissues. No need for 'shipping on this show, we're Team Charming Family!

Adam's Mini Rant:
Hey, Walking Dead: I get that people complained about not having enough zombies last season, but I can only watch so many heads get shot/bashed in/chopped off in one sitting. #weakstomach

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