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So, will Kurt be back with New Directions on Glee any time soon? — Lizzie
: Sorry to break it to you, Lizzie, but Kurt will still be singing with the Warblers at least through Regionals. That means he won't be singing Glee's original song, the geek anthem "Loser Like Me," either. But don't worry, Kurt and the Warblers have their own underdog ode. Hint: It's by Pink!

I can't believe we won't get a new episode of Grey's Anatomy until March 24. Can you give us some scoop to tide us over? —Rachel
In the next new episode, Arizona is going to see a new side of Callie. "Callie has this obsession with baby showers, and she has this massive need for attention and girliness," Jessica Capshaw tells us. "Arizona keeps guessing wrong on what Callie would want and Mark keeps guessing correctly. Arizona just gets sick of it, so Callie gives Arizona, as a baby shower present, a trip away for the weekend."

Got any Blue Bloods scoop? I'd love something about my favorite character, Danny.  — Jennie
Well, you might want to brace yourself. When Danny angers a South American drug lord, his wife is kidnapped just before he is scheduled to testify at the kingpin's trial.

Any spoilers for the return of The Event? — Marcus
We'll learn right away that the message that Thomas (Clifton Collins Jr.) sent was an invitation of sorts, and you'll soon be reminded of the final scene of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Meanwhile, Sterling (Zeljko Ivanek) will find himself in the middle of a violent break-out at Inostranka that not everyone will survive.

When will we see Wo Fat on Hawaii Five-0 again? Will his story be resolved with the "champ box" mysteries? — Greg
Wo Fat's connections to McGarrett's father will be brought up again in the next new episode (airing March 21), which also introduces Larisa Oleynik's new team member. "She brings some of that Wo Fat backstory to light and sheds new light on his character. She sort of reinvigorates McGarrett's interest," co-executive producer Paul Zbyszewski tells us. But I wouldn't expect to see all of Wo Fat's story wrapped up this year. "We see him more in terms of a series-long character, much like the original Five-0," he says.

What's coming up for Ivy and her new boyfriend on 90210? — Jaime
Since Raj has a terminal cancer diagnosis, he's working on checking things off his bucket list. First up: a drunken threesome with a waitress working at Ivy's prom. Classy.

So, what's the deal with Rigsby and Cho on The Mentalist? The writers kind of left us hanging after Cho perjured himself. — Evan
Patience, Evan. No one, especially Cho, has forgotten the risk he took by lying to cover Rigsby's alibi. "Cho proved his baseline loyalty. And as much as he resented Rigsby getting him into that trouble, to a degree it has brought them closer," creator Bruno Heller tells us. But Heller says that all will change when Rigsby's "badass dad" blows into town later this season.

Are Tommy and Mina really going to hook up as the Off the Map promos suggest? — Heather
NATALIE: Yes, but that doesn't mean they're going to become a couple. Surprisingly, it'll be ladies' man Tommy who wants to settle down. Mina, on the other hand, will find a new love interest in a hippie volunteer who's in the jungle building a school.

Justified is so good this season. What's coming up? — J. Baker
Even though Boyd roughed up fellow miner Kyle at the end of last week's episode, the two will soon make peace — at least long enough to plan a robbery. As with most things Boyd gets involved in, the results are both explosive and deadly.

What's coming up on Mr. Sunshine? — Jack
Pill-popping eccentric Crystal will approach Alice (Andrea Anders) for advice on dating "a brother," as she puts it. While it may appear the writers are playing her casual racism for laughs, once we meet her gentleman friend, it'll be clear they're doing something altogether different.

Any scoop on Nikita? —Sarah
NATALIE: Michael and Nikita are getting married! OK, so they're just going to act like a married couple to infiltrate the home of a Guardian, but that still counts, right?

Natalie's Mega Rave: Lonely boys everywhere, rejoice: Gossip Girl's Dan and Blair made out! Though we don't know how they feel about the kiss yet, we've already forgotten who Chuck and Serena are.

Adam's Mini Rant: Enough Charlie Sheen. Now that three news organizations have basically given him an open mic, I think we're all decidedly not winning.

(Additional reporting by Denise Martin)

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