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Want to hear what New Directions will be singing at Regionals? Well, get those L-signs on your foreheads, because it's a pretty epic geek anthem.

The story behind Glee's upcoming original songs (Psst! They're for Regionals!)

On Friday morning, Ryan Seacrest premiered the original song "Loser Like Me," a collaboration between hitmaker Max Martin and Glee music producer Adam Anders, and here's your first listen:

Rachel Berry will also be taking the Regionals stage to sing "Get It Right," another original-to-the-show tune from Anders.

On the set: Keeping up the Glee in Season 2

"I've watched Rachel struggle," Anders told "She's always trying to do the right thing, or thinks she's trying to do the right thing... and it always gets messed up. 'Get It Right' is her asking when things are going to work out. It's really emotional. I think it will bring you to tears... I hope." Check it out:

What do you think of the new songs? Thumbs up or down?