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Is Rachel about to get herself into trouble? Another crack den for Sunshine? More wine coolers? If the original song she writes to sing solo at Glee's Regionals is any indication, she's going to be apologizing for something and soon. 

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Here's a peek at the remorseful refrain for "Get It Right": What can you do when your good isn't good enough / And all that you touch tumbles down / 'Cause my best intentions / Keep making a mess of things / Just wanna fix it somehow / But how many times will it take / Oh, how many times will it take... for me to get it right?

This isn't Rachel's first attempt at songwriting. Although Gleeks will forever treasure "My Headband," Finn wasn't a fan because it was devoid of emotions. Well, Glee music producer and songwriter Adam Anders promises that "Get It Right" will make New Directions' upcoming competition a three-hankie affair.

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 "I've watched Rachel struggle," Anders tells TVGuide.com. "She's always trying to do the right thing, or thinks she's trying to do the right thing... and it always gets messed up. 'Get It Right' is her asking when things are going to work out. It's really emotional. I think it will bring you to tears... I hope."

But win or lose, Regionals will end on an up note for the club. "Get It Right" is one of two songs that were written specifically for the show, a Glee first. The other, "Loser Like Me," is a rowdy crowd-pleaser that will also be performed for the competition.

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 "My idea was always to write an anthem for the Gleeks," says Anders, who co-wrote the song with Max Martin. "It's an up-tempo, positive, fun, summery hit. It definitely makes you feel good from the outset."

"It's celebrating everyone's differences and saying, 'Look you can say whatever you want about me, but at the end of the day, you're going to want to be a loser like me,'" he continues. "It makes being a loser a cool thing. It flips it on its head.... I kind of saw everyone putting their Ls in the air." 

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Gleeks who don't want to wait until the Regionals episode airs on March 15 can hear the song Friday when Ryan Seacrest premieres it during his morning radio show.