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When will we learn more about the Observers on Fringe? — Cal
MICKEY: On Thursday's episode, we'll meet August, who is just as bald and hairless as last season's Observer (who is rumored to be named September, by the way). It seems that August is doing more than observing, and his meddling could threaten a woman's life... or death. We'll also learn that Observers have been present for many calamitous historical events, and that they're gearing up for the next one, which, sadly, includes Olivia & Co.

Is it true that Bosco will be Red John's next victim on The Mentalist? Clarisse
ADAM: Let me answer your question with one of my own: Why would Red John, who is known for killing women, go after Agent Bosco? That said, Bosco's investigation of Red John does put him in serious danger. One more question: Who can't be trusted in the CBI?

What happens to The Office if Dunder Mifflin goes bankrupt? — Andrea
MICKEY: We'll find out soon enough, Andrea! Executive producer Greg Daniels teases that Dunder Mifflin's financial problems are not going away any time soon. In fact, in an effort to shore up investor confidence, the powers that be will invite Michael, as the manager of the company's most successful branch, to New York for a little glad-handing at the shareholders' meeting. That's how desperate they are.

How long before Teddy destroys Cristina and Owen's relationship on Grey's Anatomy? — Melissa
Kevin McKidd tells us Thursday's episode will have a major development in that little love triangle. "Something happens between the three of them that's pretty explosive," McKidd says. "Up until now you've not really seen anyone draw any lines in the sand, but you start to see that this week." Translation: "Desert Storm Barbie" is not welcome in Yang's Dream House.

Will V's Ryan ever tell Valerie that he's a Visitor? — Mike
MICKEY: Well, duh. Of course he will... eventually. I mean, he told Georgie within the first hour of the series; word's going to get out. Until then, though, Morris Chestnut tells us that Ryan will soon be faced with a huge dilemma of the "to tell or not to tell" variety. If you're thinking that our alien-lizard Hamlet chooses the path of honesty, you obviously haven't been paying attention.

Got any scoop on Private Practice? — Laura
ADAM: Addison's mom and dad (JoBeth Williams and Stephen Collins) are coming to visit on Dec. 3, and they're bringing a third: the other woman!

How's the new Scrubs? — TurkLover
MICKEY: Converting Sacred Heart from a hospital to a medical school was easier than I thought it would be. One particularly bright spot: Tough girl Denise (Eliza Coupe) finds her match in an older medical student who also enjoys consequence-free sexual assignations. (And who doesn't, really?) The pair negotiates the tricky emotional terrain... to a surprising conclusion.

Got any scoop on the upcoming CSI: NY episodes that deal with the Compass Killer? — Jeremy
ADAM: Executive producer Pam Veasey tells me that the creation of the Compass Killer arc was about highlighting the show's storied location. "We have the great, great privilege of being the New York show, and we thought all of this information is really worthy of more than one episode. So we created the Compass Killer... someone who is fascinated with this information." Case in point: One upcoming episode deals with Manhattanhenge, a phenomenon in which the sun aligns with the city's street grid.

Cougar Town's Travis does a great "oh, Mom" face. Any further humiliation in store? — Marty
MICKEY: One dose of humiliation, coming right up! But it's not Travis' — it's Grayson's. When Jules is away for the weekend, Travis decides to confide in the neighborhood manwhore. Sure, Travis may have a new girlfriend, but the kid has an announcement to make that has nothing to do with her — any her.

Have you heard anything about Lie to Me getting a full-season pickup? — Will
ADAM: Many saw Fox's three-episode order as a sign that the network was losing faith in the show. Not so, says executive producer Shawn Ryan. "I don't assume any kind of grand conspiracy against the show," he tells me. "My attitude has always been you've got to prove yourself every single day, every single episode." The good news: Post-World Series ratings are up.

Any Modern Family scoop? — Cayla
MICKEY: I know this much is true. Edward Norton is a gas as the former bass player of Spandau Ballet, which Claire believes is Phil's favorite band. Elizabeth Banks is similarly crazysexyfunny as Cam and Mitch's newly endowed single friend who just wants to rock and roll all night... and party every day. (Oh, and also possibly kill Lily.)

Please tell me Hank chooses Karen on Californication! — Krystal
ADAM: Hank's not the only one with a wandering eye, it seems. He gets a big taste of his own medicine when a man from Karen's past resurfaces. It's a guy we've seen before —a whole lot of him.

Mickey's Mega Rave: Jennifer Morrison's departure from House was as decisive and high-minded as Cameron herself. Similarly, kudos to the talented actress for handling her dismissal from the show with such grace and honesty. Here's hoping it was all some sort of bad pharmaceutical side effect and she'll be back at Princeton-Plainsboro soon.

Adam's Mini Rant: You can take the actress out of Mad Men, but you can't take the Mad Men out of the actress. January Jones was stiff and emotionless (à la Betty Draper) in nearly every moment of her Saturday Night Live hosting gig. In fact, the only time she showed any spark was when she broke character to crack up. No wonder Don never smiles.

Reader Quote of the Week: "So, she gave up trying to cook?  Good for her." — kauf17, on the news that Top Chef's Robin is designing a line of ceramics

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