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Fringe left us with a crazy cliff-hanger. What will Olivia do with her newfound knowledge about Peter? — Brandt
MICKEY: The first post-hiatus episode, April 1's "Peter," is an '80s flashback blockbuster in which Walter finally tells Olivia the truth about his son. It fills in almost all the gaps in Peter's mysterious backstory: why Olivia sees him glimmer, how he was cured and why he owes the Observer his life. Plus: We'll meet Peter's mother for the first time and get a pretty good idea how Nina Sharp lost her arm to "cancer."

I'm going through Bones withdrawal. Got any scoop to tide me over until April? — Maria
ADAM: The landmark 100th episode reveals all sorts of tidbits about Booth and Brennan's past, but it's the present that really matters. After a trip down memory lane and at least one kiss, both characters will make a definitive decision about their future together — both personally and professionally.

Can we please find 30 Rock's Liz Lemon a decent love interest? — Karen
I hope not! Where's the funny in that? But I am hearing that Liz might come one step closer to landing dream boyfriend Astronaut Mike Dexter this spring. Producers are looking for a 40-something guy to play a pilot named Carol, and his stand-up-guy description means he's probably not destined to woo Jenna. Yes, Carol is a man, so stop that juvenile giggling. As my great-uncle Carroll O'Connor might say: Stifle it!

Why is CSI dragging this Dr. Jekyll thing out? I need some answers already. — Megan
ADAM: Well, the resolution to that case will stretch into Season 10's closing episodes, but you might get the answers you need sooner than expected. "The audience may see Dr. Jekyll before the finale, but not in the context of being Dr. Jekyll," executive producer Carol Mendelsohn hints. She also says the person who cracks the case is not a CSI. "It will be someone that will surprise everyone. It's someone we know who has been on the show in more than one episode."          

What can you tell me about Neil Patrick Harris' appearance on Glee? — Kara
MICKEY: Well, you already know that he's playing Brian Ryan, Will's mustache-twirling nemesis against whom he'll face off in song. What you don't know is that BriRy's antipathy for Mr. Schu will have an opposite twin in his attraction for Sue Sylvester! "I have words with him, but we end up seeing eye to eye," Jane Lynch tells us. "I'm winking as I'm telling you that because there's a little chemistry between Brian Ryan and Sue Sylvester — just a little bit." Ah, they'll make beautiful music together, those two.

When are Castle and Beckett going to hook up already? — Mike
I will say only this: On Castle's March 22 episode — the first of two episodes guest-starring Dana Delany — Castle spends the night at Beckett's apartment. And he makes her pancakes in the morning.

Obviously Alicia is going to get the job on The Good Wife. Tell me something I don't know. — Candace
MICKEY: You don't know if Alicia is going to get the job. It might appear that the show ceases to exist if she's passed over, but I object! Complicating things will be the very attractive job offer that Carey receives from a competing firm. One catch: Carey is a pretty loyal guy, and the "offer" in question isn't exactly what it seems.

Shane Casey's name popped up when Danny ran the prints on his dog tags on CSI: NY. Are we going to see Shane again? — Bill
ADAM: You bet! Executive producer Pam Veasey says the serial killer will play a major role in the season finale. However, we might get another hint about Casey when Sheldon Hawkes (Hill Harper) visits guest star Harold Perrineau in prison. Bonus scoop: Perrineau's inmate and Hawkes have a family connection.

Any scoop on the spring episodes of The Vampire Diaries? — Tina
MICKEY: This is what I think went down. After writing the umpteenth script in which Stefan said, "Elena, I will never let anything happen to you," and Damon says, "Your happiness bores me," one timid, but eminently clever writer (let's call her Fran) had an idea: Opposite day! What do you think of my theory, Paul Wesley? "Everyone possesses a dark side and I don't think we've seen Stefan's," the actor tells us. "I think we might."

Do you have you any scoop for Season 3 of Breaking Bad? — Denise
ADAM: Skyler will seek legal assistance after discovering Walt's drug-dealing ways. She doesn't turn him in for cooking meth, but she does hire a divorce attorney. Walt's refusal to accept his marital fate ultimately leads to a run-in with the Albuquerque police. But maybe not in a way you would expect.

Is Jackie going to tell Kevin about her affair on Nurse Jackie? — Lane
MICKEY: Jackie is the kind of gal who likes to have her cake (and Percocet and Oxycontin) and eat it too, so what do you think? Eddie's cozying up with Kevin is just the first of several shocking new ways in which he'll insinuate himself into all facets of Jackie's life.

Deb was so close to learning Dexter's secret last season. Will she figure it out this year? — Martin
ADAM: It's doubtful, if only because Dexter executive producer Sara Colleton feels Dex couldn't handle losing Rita and his biggest secret. "For right now, it's run its course," she says. "We have to create a little bit of a safe haven before we pull the rug out on the poor boy."

Adam's Mega Rave: FX's Justified is the best new show of the spring. Based on an Elmore Leonard short story, the cop show combines cool characters and great dialogue for an hour worthy of the network's particular brand of quality testosterone. Plus, any show that pairs Timothy Olyphant and Walton Goggins on screen gets my vote.

Mickey's Mini Rant: I applaud the idea behind Jessica Simpson's VH1 series The Price of Beauty, but it needs more brains.

Reader Quote of the Week: "If this was ER, they wouldn't fool around. They'd just drop a helicopter on her." — alex99a, on Katherine Heigl's departure from Grey's Anatomy

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