Jorja Fox (<i>CSI</i>), Mariska Hargitay (<i>SVU</i>), Chandra Wilson (<I>Grey's Anatomy</i>) Jorja Fox (CSI), Mariska Hargitay (SVU), Chandra Wilson (Grey's Anatomy)

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Will we get an update on how Sara and Grissom are doing when Jorja Fox returns to CSI? — Michael
What kind of an update are you looking for, Jennifer? A big one? OK, then: Sara and Gil got hitched! Unfortunately, it sounds like married life doesn't suit Sara. "I think she's struggling a little bit with being a housewife," Marg Helgenberger says, explaining why Mrs. Grissom returns to the team. "She comes [to help us] from Paris, where her husband is giving some kind of a lecture series." Come on, Gil — PowerPoints bore everyone, especially wives.

What's this I hear about Benson and Stabler making out on Law & Order: SVU? — Marilyn J.
You hear a lot, and almost none of it is true! I'm hearing that Benson and Stabler might go undercover together, though it won't be as lovahs. I think Mariska was trying out some ha-has on the press this weekend at the Emmys, and not everyone got the joke. In true news, Christine Lahti will be returning to the show around Episode 9 to fill the ever-elusive ADA spot... for now anyway.

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How will Grey's Anatomy write around the absences of Ellen Pompeo and Katherine Heigl?
The show will shift its focus to more character-centric episodes, according to executive producer Krista Vernoff. One hour, for example, will be almost exclusively dedicated to Derek and a patient. Seattle Grace's merger with Mercy West will bring in some new blood — and cut loose some long-standing characters. "There are some that stay [and] some that don't make it," says Chandra Wilson. "There will be some familiar faces ... we wanted the audience to be able to feel that this is a huge thing and that there was a loss there."

When is Kelly coming back? 90210 is no fun without her! — Carolyn
You must be over 30, Carolyn, because I feel the same way about the show. Kelly will be back, but I'm afraid the circumstances will be sad when Kelly and Silver's high-maintenance mom hits the skids again. Jackie has a new tormentor, and it's not one that can be cured by rehab.

Will Addison get a new love interest this season on Private Practice? Elizabeth
We took your question straight to Kate Walsh, but I'm afraid you may not like the answer. "I think we're holding off for a while," she says. "[Creator Shonda Rhimes] is really interested in just seeing Addison single and running the practice with Sam." But that means more scenes with Taye Diggs — and more Taye Diggs is always a good thing, amirite, ladies?

More Jim-Pam Office wedding scoop, please! — Lynn
"There's something nutty that happens at the rehearsal dinner," Ellie Kemper (who plays the new receptionist, Erin) tells us, really emphasizing the word nutty. "It will become clear how smart that was, what I just said, when you watch it. There's something that happens that's nuts." Any guesses? I say peanut allergy-induced anaphylactic shock — nothing is more hilarious, especially at a wedding.

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What can we expect more of this season on Smallville: Chlark or Clois? —  Mark
In his quest to become the Man of Steel, Clark shuns pretty much everyone. He is particularly icy to Chloe, for whom he refuses to go back in time to save Jimmy. But The Blur does come to Lois in her time of need. Oh, and she's got sex on the brain... at least while she's sleeping.

On Gossip Girl, Chuck and Blair's "games" are definitely going to end badly, aren't they? — Lydia
It depends on how you define badly. Will they enter a murder-suicide pact? Probably not. Will they break up? Oh, sure, probably several hundreds of times this season alone. "It just gets crazy. They're like on and off, [but] it's hot," teases Leighton Meester. Hot is good, right?

Got any scoop on Lie to Me? Steven
: The new season will further explore Lightman's relationship with his ex-wife (Jennifer Beals), which Tim Roth says is a product of the show's turn toward more character arcs. Also, look for Jericho's Lennie James to pop up as a man from Lightman's past who's back to stir up some trouble.

What do we know about Kristin Chenoweth's guest role on Glee? — Charley
"Let's just say it's a character that you haven't seen me play before," Chenoweth says. More specifically: She's a former classmate of Will's who likes her hooch well-aged and her man candy barely legal.

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How soon will we see Dexter kill again in the new season? — Norris
About 50 minutes into the premiere, give or take a few diaper changes. But the methodically pristine Dex we're used to will make a few huge errors when his ritual is interrupted by a phone call from Rita. I'll say this much: Get ready for a scavenger hunt in Episode 2.

Will Daniel have another girlfriend when Ugly Betty returns? — Michael
Not exactly. A woman he meets at a bereavement class will become his assistant... and confidante. And what will this Betty substitute look like? She'll look like Entourage's Jamie Lynn Sigler, but with a twist. "You won't recognize me in my hair and makeup," Sigler hints. "It's kind of a disguise." I'm seeing braces and a poncho, and I hope to Suarez I'm wrong.

Adam's Mega Rave:
How amazing was Mad Men's "Guy Walks Into an Advertising Agency"? Putting aside my utter devastation at the possibility of losing my Joanie for a moment, let's talk about the danger of letting a tipsy secretary behind the wheel of a riding lawnmower inside a Madison Avenue high-rise. Only the brilliant Matt Weiner could make us laugh so heartily at a scene that ends with an amputation. Now, who's up for some golf? (Not so fast, MacKendrick.)

Mickey's Mini Rant:
Yes, Mad Men was bloody awesome, unlike Oprah Winfrey's bloodless co-opting of the show's cool vibe for a recent hour that paired cursory interviews with Jon Hamm and January Jones with corny-nostalgic segments about the Slinky and Leave It to Beaver. Hell's bells, Oprah — don't be such a square!

Reader Quote of the Week:
"Schwing!" — the unfortunately named kentrod, on the news that Heather Locklear will be stopping by the new Melrose Place

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