Stana Katic, Allison Mack, Emily Deschanel Stana Katic, Allison Mack, Emily Deschanel

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Will we learn who killed Joanna Beckett in the Castle finale? — Liza
ADAM: No, but you'll get another big clue, which will put someone very close to Beckett under suspicion. Meanwhile, while we've been focusing on this rumored death, we should have also been telling you about the gunshots that ring out in the episode's final moments.

Please tell me you have spoilers on Chloe's return to Smallville! ­­— Andy
Chloe (Allison Mack) returns to Metropolis in the series finale, after her big move with Oliver. "Chloe's definitely still a reporter in Star City, but she has really got her hands full as she comes back for the wedding," executive producer Kelly Souders tells us. "She's got a lot going on."

The name of the Bones finale has me both worried and excited. What can you tell me about its meaning? — Candice
Executive producer Hart Hanson says the finale is very aptly titled "The Change in the Game." "Our last two episodes — they're big," he tells us. "The sniper episode changes everything for everyone on our show and that carries through the season finale. ... I don't think people will feel cheated."

Tell me about the Glee prom! — Stacy
NATALIE: Yeah, yeah, we heard about the king and queen. But look for a very interesting Santana moment as well. "We now have a major character on one of the top shows on TV who is a lesbian," says executive producer Brad Falchuk. "Whether she's dating someone or not is not really what we're getting at here. Brittany will be a part of [her story], but the focus will be on Santana's struggle with acceptance."

Got anything good about the CSI finale? — Jason
The final Langston-Haskell showdown is personal. "Haskell kidnaps Langston's ex-wife and she's presumed dead," Jorja Fox tells us. "It's a harrowing story because [Ray's] ex-wife is the love is his life. Haskell has really hit Langston at the core of his being." But the lengths that Langston goes to stop Haskell will have an impact on the entire team. "All of the characters on the show have to examine or re-examine their beliefs about certain things, their ethics," Fox says. 

I'm sad Skeet Ulrich was killed off Law & Order: LA. Got any scoop to console me? — Jerry
This probably won't help, but... it looks like LOLA is doing an episode loosely inspired by the shooting of Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. After a man goes on a crazed shooting spree, killing a state senator and six others, the detectives have to track down the at-large killer, who suffers from schizophrenia. His condition will complicate his  trial.

I need some Desperate Housewives scoop! — Samantha
I'm hearing that Renee's ex is getting married again, and that while she certainly doesn't want the cheating slugger back in her dugout, she takes the news hard. How does she cope? She gets wasted and makes out with a bartender. (Incidentally, similar advice got me through my first marriage.)

What's going to happen to Silver on 90210? — Erica
She'll get closer with Dixon again, but not how you think. He'll be the first to notice Silver's increasingly erratic behavior now that newly awful Adrianna swapped out Silver's medication. "Dixon is the expert of the situation," Tristan Wilds says. "It's something that they both have been through. ... You see them play off each other again."

When is The Chicago Code going to deal with Wysocki's brother's death? They have mentioned it a couple times. — Bryan
"There will be some big-time revelations by the end of the season," creator Shawn Ryan promises. First up: Jarek's old wounds will be reopened by his father, who will be played by the terrific character actor Chelcie Ross, who most recently played hotelier Connie Hilton on Mad Men.

Will Annie get a love interest on Covert Affairs? — Heather
Yes, in the form of a ruggedly handsome doctor she meets when her niece requires his expertise. Doctor McHandsome is quite smitten with Annie, and his persistence threatens to compromise Annie's mission to uncover a mole in the CIA.

Justified just keeps getting better. What's next? — Tanya
Raylan spends most of Wednesday's episode trying to figure out who wanted him dead. Interestingly, he quickly learns that he might not have been the target at all. Also: Jeremy Davies' Dicky proves without a doubt he has some of his mom's cold blood in his veins when he wreaks some havoc of his own.

I'm digging Happy Endings. Got any spoilers? — Ray
Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) gets back on the horse when she starts dating Dave and Max's upstairs neighbor. Red flag: They don't have an upstairs neighbor! Before things get all When a Stranger Calls ("the call is coming from inside the house!"), the guys use a nanny cam to figure out what's really going on.

Adam's Mega Rave: This week on Justified, Jeremy Davies emerges from Margo Martindale's substantial acting shadow by revealing a chilling, twitchy side of Dicky. Shame there's only three episodes left.

Natalie's Mini Rant: How many times can Gossip Girl's Blair and Chuck almost get back together? It's got me rooting for Lonely Boy, and I hate Lonely Boy.

(Additional reporting by Denise Martin, Robyn Ross and Kate Stanhope)

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