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So, should I give up hope of House and Cuddy getting back together on House? — Bethany
I'm a lifelong member of the never-say-never club, but it doesn't look great. "People are good at some things and not good at other things," creator and executive producer David Shore tells us. "House and Cuddy, as much as I'd love to see them together and I know the audience would love to see them together, House just isn't designed for comfort. He isn't designed for happiness. It's not really in his nature, so it's going to be difficult." Don't shoot the messenger.

When will we actually see Klaus on Vampire Diaries? — Joey
Not until April 21, but in this week's episode — which also includes a shocking death — Klaus will use Alaric's body to infiltrate the group. He'll discover what Katherine couldn't tell him, no matter how much he tortured her: Bonnie is one powerful lady now, thanks to 100 dead witches. Expect not only a double cross while trying to take down Klaus, but a triple cross. So much crossing!

Who's going to die on Castle's finale? I can't stand the thought of losing anyone! — Amy
I'm desperately hoping this is a case of "it isn't what it looks like," but I'm hearing the show is looking for actors to play Capt. Montgomery's previously unseen wife and daughter. Even worse, they'll show up right around the same time the Grim Reaper is supposed to come calling. 

Thanks for the Smallville spoilers. What's coming up with Tess? — Mark
As we saw in the last episode, Lionel has begun to plant seeds of doubt in Tess. "Her issues are really going to come to a head," executive producer Kelly Souders says of the newest Luthor heir. "I think that she's got some really critical interactions with some key characters in the show, and she definitely is going to be forced to take a side at the end of the day."

Any more scoop about Angela and Hodgins' baby on Bones? — Jessica
I'm hearing there will be a last-minute doctor switcheroo when Elon Gold's Dr. Lidner isn't available to deliver Baby Hodgela. Luckily, his replacement is focused and completely unflappable. So much so, in fact, that she's barely fazed when Cam sends the mom- and pop-to-be details of a brutal murder throughout Angela's intense labor.

Is there really a death on Parks & Recreation this year? — Aaron
Yes. I will give you one clue: It's not a human passing. In possibly related news, the May 19 episode is titled "Li'l Sebastian." Make of that what you will.

Are we ever going to see Terri again on Glee? — Alex
Well, we know she'll play a role in Sue's Legion of Doom. "I kind of sic her on the glee glub, to destroy it," Jane Lynch tells us. Her appearance marks the beginning of a return of sorts for Terri over the next episodes, which is surely bad news for ex-hubby Mr. Schuester. (And Emma.)

It's been far too long since 90210 was on the air. Got any scoop? — Ryan
Hit the comments with your guesses as to which one of these four spoilers is false. 1. Adrianna spikes Silver's drink. 2. Teddy hooks up with Aquaman. 3. Annie is bitten by a monkey. 4. Adrianna and Navid steal a kiss.

Love all the NCIS scoop. Now give me some more! — Lance
Could someone new be joining the ranks of NCIS brass? The show is in search of someone to play a politically savvy and powerful D.C. administrator who steps into his new job driven to get things done with little concern for consequences. The character is scheduled to play a substantive part in the end of this season, and possibly the beginning of the next.

Got any scoop on this week's episode of Fringe? — Charlie
Is it a coincidence that "Brown Betty," last season's musical episode, was Episode 219, one of the most experimental in Fringe's history, and this Friday's episode, No. 319, is titled "Lysergic Acid Diethylamide," aka the full name of LSD? Nope! Is it also a coincidence that William Bell (Leonard Nimoy) has a presence in both episodes? Maybe not, but it's certainly odd, his being dead and all. Intrigued? Watch this trippy promo.

I can't wait until Royal Pains comes back. Will Divya and Raj ever have their wedding? — Samantha
Being detained (and missing your nuptials) for possibly having the plague is kind of a bad omen for marriage — even an arranged one. When the show returns, jumping almost a year in time, viewers will probably not be that shocked to know that Divya has called off the wedding, vowing to marry for love. What is shocking, however, is just how drastically Divya's parents respond to the news.

Is Auggie really being replaced on Covert Affairs? — Melanie
Yes, by an aggressive, impersonal new tech named Reva. Not to worry, though, Christopher Gorham isn't leaving the show. In fact, Auggie will be back working with Annie as soon as Episode 5, when she has to infiltrate the CIA training facility as a recruit who didn't graduate. That shouldn't be too hard considering she never did.

Adam's Mega Rave: Castle's tribute to the late prolific TV writer and author Stephen J. Cannell — an honorary empty chair at Castle's mystery writers' poker game — was a classy tip of the hat. Without Cannell and the shows he created, there might not even be a Castle. R.I.P. (Imagine typewriter paper curling into a C here.)

Natalie's Mini Rant: Oh, How I Met Your Mother, we already know Ted and Zoe are going to break up. You came thisclose last night, so why not get it over with already?

(Additional reporting by Denise Martin and Kate Stanhope)

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