Emily Deschanel (<I>Bones</i>), Carmine Giovinazzo (<I>CSI: NY</i>) and Teri Hatcher (<I>Desperate Housewives</i>) Emily Deschanel (Bones), Carmine Giovinazzo (CSI: NY) and Teri Hatcher (Desperate Housewives)

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Is Bones coming back this fall? — Byerley
MATT: Well of course it is, on Thursday, Sept. 17. And if only because I had Eddie McClintock (now starring on SyFy's Warehouse 13) dropping by for a video Q&A, I reached out to Bones boss Hart Hanson to see if Eddie's Special Agent Tim Sullivan might ever reenter Temp's life. "We've always thought he might return one day, dead or alive. I prefer alive, actually," Hanson told the Buzz. McClintock in turn told me, "I had such a great time with Emily [Deschanel] and David [Boreanaz], so for Hart to say that makes me happy. I would love to [do Bones again]." Hmm, W13 did just wrap production on Season 1.... 

Do you have any info on what's in store for CSI: NY's Danny and Lindsay? — Tasha
Danny and Lindsay will have a tough time balancing their jobs and relationship this season as they face serious pressures at both work and home. Look for both of them to face major obstacles, some of which, a show rep promises, will be their toughest yet. (We're thinking something worse than diapers.) Really, was anyone expecting domestic bliss? 

Now that Susan's daughter Julie is returning to Desperate Housewives in the fall, isn't it possible that Drea de Matteo's son is hooking up with her? — Antony
MICKEY: Well, it's possible, but Julie/Andrea Bowen is a little older than the hypothetical 19-year-old the part calls for, and plot-wise, it still makes more sense that Gaby's naughty niece (new series regular Maiara Walsh) is going to break herself off a piece of that first. Amirite, ladies? Then again, Julie has terrible taste in men.

Any scoop on NCIS? — Jess
MATT: As I reported exclusively, Rocky Carroll will be pulling double duty on the hit drama and the NCIS: Los Angeles spin-off premiering this fall. Will Vance be racking up frequent flyer miles via weekly jaunts from D.C. to L.A.? Possibly. "My first thought was that I'd be like the voice of Charlie in Charlie's Angels," Rocky told me, "but I think it's going to be a little more involved than that." 

Will we see Mekhi Phifer and Jennifer Beals return for Season 2 of Lie to Me? — Steve
TIM: Phifer has been bumped up to series regular status, adding muscle and spark to Tim Roth's oh-so-cerebral and coolheaded team of investigators as they continue to expand beyond just catching liars. Beals, now recurring as Cal Lightman's ex-wife, will let us see why total honesty isn't ideal in a relationship. That could be something to consider after what looked to us like a "moment," in the Season 1 finale, 'tween Lightman and fellow human lie-detector Foster. 

When is Gossip Girl going to give Jenny a better story line? — Clarice
MICKEY: Do you hear the Constance girls screaming, Clarice? That's because Little J was named the new Queen Bee in the season finale. We recently asked Topsy Mopsy, er, Taylor Momsen how she'd fill Blair's headband. "You know what, I hope she's a bad queen bee!" she told us. "I'm sure [the writers will] find a way to tie it all together." My unsolicited idea: Jenny needs a bf who charms Rufus while he corrupts her. She needs to earn that eye makeup! 

Will One Tree Hill bring back Rachel now that Peyton and Lucas are gone? — Fernando
Will Robert Buckley be shirtless on One Tree Hill? — Sarah
MATT: Yes, Fernando, Danneel Harris is returning for a handful of episodes as Rachel, though I'm not entirely sure why. Maybe the not-quite-reformed bad girl will become Brooke's new BFF? What I do know is that Rachel is part of a "great storyline," says a source. To Sarah, I also have good news for you: Count on plenty of bare-chested Buckley, as he plays Nathan's sports agent.

I wish Stephanie March would return to SVU for all the episodes! — Denise
You're not alone, Denise! So maybe this will be good news. After Emmy winner Christine Lahti (not exactly a slacker in the acting department either) fills in for four season-opening episodes, I'm hearing that March's 10 episodes will not necessarily be sequential. In other words, she could be around all season, but just trading off with the new maybe-older-male ADA.

I'm really liking Burn Notice this season. Any scoop on what's coming up? — Joanie
MATT: On July 16, Ben Shenkman (Angels in America) begins a recurring run as Tim Stickler, a sort of spy broker who "offers Michael an opportunity that's rather hard to refuse," Gabrielle Anwar told me. "And that puts Michael and Fiona on very tenuous footing." Anwar hails Shenkman as "a wonderful actor" who "brings an element of smooth perversity to his episodes. It's kind of nauseating how he gets under your skin!" 

Now that Wanda Sykes has her own talk show, will she still be a full-time cast member on The New Adventures of Old Christine? — Bernd
The always funny Sykes will indeed remain a regular, despite her own new adventures as the host of Fox's late-Saturday-night talker, set to premiere in the fall. Sykes also somehow makes time for standup gigs across the country, and filming witty PSAs. Now if only we could see her again on Curb Your Enthusiasm, preferably with Crazy Eyez Killa in tow.

Please give me some scoop on Eastwick. — Fernando
I know I was grumpy about it at first, but ABC has won me over with some narrative hocus pocus that takes place in the very entertaining pilot episode. It still is a familiar story, but with a clever twist. Ask yourself these questions: What if Daryl van Horne isn't the devil? Or what if the devil isn't Daryl van Horne? And what if neither is in Eastwick? Confusing? Yes. 

I'm wondering when the first episode of Three Rivers will air. I know Alex O'Loughlin is busy filming The Back-Up Plan with Jennifer Lopez... — Amy
I'm going to stop you right there to say that Three Rivers premieres Sunday, Oct. 4. I will now segue into an email I just received from Jennifer Elise Cox (formerly of 10 Items Or Less), who also has a role in The Back-Up Plan. "I had a really funny scene with Alex," my very Brady buddy shared. "He's so much fun!" Cox also said that J.Lo is "one of the nicest and most talented actresses I've ever worked with." Awww.

Matt's Mega Rave: As I watched Michael Jackson's televised memorial service, the performance of Britain's Got Talent finalist Shaheen Jafargholi ranked right up there with Brooke Shields' anecdotes and Paris' teary farewell to Daddy. Hearing the 12-year-old evoke a young Michael was a spot-on celebration of Jackson's precocious origins. 

Mickey's Mini Rant: This rant is pre-emptive: Casting Rumer Willis (who I'm sure is an awesome actor) as a lesbian reporter — particularly in the wake of the "bisexual cheerleader" debacle of 2008 — reeks of tokenism. Yes, Nine-Oh needs to diversify its canvas, but is a high-profile, one-episode gig the way to do it?

Tim's Micro Riff: Full Disclosure: My buddy Mike's game show about physics is totally awesome.

Reader Quote of the Week: "Does this mean their new show, Jon & Kate Are Free to Date, isn't happening?" (sharontatefan4ever, on the couple's Fourth of July "reunion")

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