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I'm still in shock from The Walking Dead finale! What's coming up next? —Allen
Although executive producer Scott M. Gimple hinted that Rick's increasingly brutal worldview might cause some in his group to question his leadership, don't look for Daryl to be one of them — especially after Beth's death. "Daryl has always got his back," Norman Reedus tells us. "Daryl would have run over the cop with a car too — he just would have run right through him. I don't think it meant Rick was more crazy... than anyone else." But Reedus does allow for the possibility that Daryl won't always feel that way. "I think there's humanity left in Rick," Reedus says. "But Daryl always has Rick in his peripheral vision. Always."

Any scoop on Forever? I am loving this show! — Jaclyn
Then you definitely don't want to miss next week's midseason finale, when the Anonymous Caller will finally be unmasked! That is, after he tries to frame Henry for not one, but two murders. Unfortunately, it's the second one where Jo catches Henry red-handed. What's an immortal guy being framed by another immortal guy to do?

I would love some new Bones scoop. — Jamie
Although the midseason finale is the fun Alfred Hitchcock-inspired 200th episode, look for things to get a bit more serious in the new year, particularly for Booth. "Booth is going to confront a couple demons from his past," executive producer Stephen Nathan says. "He's in Gambler's Anonymous and we've had hints of that. But that's going to come back in a more powerful way than we've seen in the past."

I can't wait to see Morena Baccarin back on The Mentalist. Will Erika Flynn cause problems for Jane and Lisbon? — Tammy
The short answer? Yes. When Jane and Lisbon head to Beirut to track down an associate of Flynn's, Jane finds himself more entrenched in the case than he'd prefer. Lisbon, meanwhile, deals with a threat of a different kind when Erica not-so-accidentally lets it slip that sparks once flew between her and Jane. And it doesn't help things at all when Lisbon catches the two in a compromising position...

I'm excited to see Harry Hamlin on SVUWhat's his character's relationship with Rollins? — Marcus
"[It's] complicated. I wouldn't call it good," executive producer Warren Leight teases.  So is this yet another former colleague who had a romantic interest in Rollins? "I think she was popular in Atlanta, but not in a way she wanted to be," Leight says. Whatever transpires between Rollins and Chief Patton, don't look for all of their issues to be resolved in one episode. "[He] will re-appear again later in the season for sure," Leight says. 

So sad George Eads is leaving CSI. Can you tell me anything else about his exit? — Jean
Even though Nick's exit from the show will be connected to the Gig Harbor Killer case, fans shouldn't necessarily assume that Nick will be killed off. In fact, I hear that there are happier story options still in contention. But just as the CSI circle of life takes a character away it also brings one back... sort of. A winter episode will feature the return of Nate Haskell! Even though the long-running serial killer is dead, I hear that an upcoming episode about murder memorabilia will bring up old memories of the notorious murderer's work. 

What's next for Sleepy Hollow now that Moloch's been defeated? — Briana
Although it seems like the team has cut the head off the snake, the danger isn't completely over. In other words, we'd keep a close eye on Henry. "He has to determine what his path is. And that will put him back in conflict with our heroes," co-executive producer Albert Kim reveals. Unfortunately, Henry's true intentions won't be an easy puzzle to solve. "Did he really tap into his humanity or is it something more selfish? As we get into the later part of the season, we find out that Henry, like a lot of our characters, has a lot of facets," Kim says.

Please tell me there's a chance for #Emison to happen in the Pretty Little Liars Christmas episode! —
Sorry to burst your bubble, but executive producer Marlene King says it's unlikely. "It's so funny to me that, even with what we've seen of Ali to date, that there's such an overwhelming amount of fans who still want to see Alison with Emily," she says. That doesn't mean Alison won't be on Emily's mind, however. "Emily feels like she has been betrayed by Alison," King says. "That's where we begin the episode and that's very much a part of her story." 

I am obsessed with The Affair. Scoop me! — Barbara
Sunday's episode jumps ahead in time four months, and it's safe to say that one of the two couples at the center of the show is handling the news of Noah and Alison's infidelity better than the other. However, the forbidden lovebirds will have another opportunity to cross paths when Noah attends a party honoring his father-in-law, who gives Noah some surprising advice about how to handle his current predicament. Elsewhere, look for Detective Jeffries to finally catch a break in his investigation.

The Newsroom has been great this season. Any spoilers? — Rob
Sunday's episode features yet another major shift in the Ballad of Jim and Maggie when the pair are sent overseas to cover the Edward Snowden case. But the real drama is happening back home, where ACN is being overhauled by its new corporate owner while Will sits in prison. Although a few staffers ultimately stick it to their new overlords, there will be serious (and surprisingly, life-threatening) consequences to those actions.

Any scoop on Switched at Birth? — Lisa
The Christmas episode puts Bay and Daphne into an alternate reality where there was no baby mix-up at the hospital — and they learn that the grass isn't always greener. Among the more shocking differences: Emmett has no feelings for Bay, and Toby, who's hardly recognizable, develops an unexpected (and cringe-worthy) crush. While you won't get much resolution from the finale fallout, the dream leads to a very happy ending that will hopefully carry into the winter premiere. 

Anything on the new season of Looking? Will Scott Bakula be back? — Margaret
Yep, so you can expect to see more of Dom and Lynn. But that doesn't necessarily mean everything is peachy. "We've moved deeper into a relationship, but how we're going to work together or not work together on his business plans is still an element in the relationship and a cause for concern," Bakula teases. "We're experimenting with two adults at different places in their lives, figuring out if they can have a relationship that makes sense."

Mega Rave: Between HBO ordering Westworld and what is sure to be my new favorite show, 2015 is looking up!

Mini Rant: 
Way to rush to Parks and Recreation out the door, NBC! Surprised they didn't sell it off to Netflix too.

This Week's Recommendation: Sons of Anarchy (Tuesday at 10/9c, FX) After seven seasons of bikes, bullets and blood, Kurt Sutter's epic drama comes to a close. The final season's body count is already high, so anything is possible — which is why this is sure to be a high-octane thrill to the very end.

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