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Any scoop on The Vampire Diaries? — Jessica
You've probably already Season 6's first teaser, which features Stefan telling Elena to move on. Well, there's a reason their convo wasn't face-to-face. When the season begins, Stefan will definitely not be anywhere near Mystic Falls. In fact, he will have taken up a surprising new profession in his new "home." And while we're the topic of professions, Alaric also has a new job. Hey, newly resurrected vampires have rent to pay too!

How long will Talia be sticking around on
 NCIS: LA? — Mary
Sorry, Densi 'shippers: It doesn't look like Talia (Mercedes Masohn) is going anywhere soon. "We love this character," executive producer Shane Brennan says. "Without a doubt we'll be bringing her back." But don't expect Talia and Kensi to become BFFs anytime soon. "Let's just say things become heated between [Talia] and Kensi when Talia gives her some unasked-for advice," Brennan teases. "Her impact is both emotional and physical." Can you say catfight?

What teases can you give about the new season of Chicago Fire? I'm still not prepared to lose someone from Firehouse 51! — Jacob 
Unfortunately, the building collapse in the Season 2 finale isn't the only mishap the team will deal with in the new season. Truck 81 will be involved in a nasty accident that leaves at least one of Firehouse 51's team members injured. Even worse, the person driving the rig will come under major fire for his part in the crash. Can't these guys catch a break? 

Any information on how Unser will be dealing with Tara's death on
 Sons of Anarchy since his misinformation is what got her killed? — Britt, via Twitter
Although Wayne isn't exactly privy to how his words led to Tara's doom, he's mourning the loss. So much so, in fact, that he even finds a way to help the new sheriff with the murder investigation. Although it's great to see Unser flexing some of his old lawman muscle, there's at least a couple people who certainly don't want Unser digging around. In other words, he better watch his back.

I would love any NCIS spoilers you might have. — Laura
It's been a while since we checked in with SecNav Sarah Porter, no? Fear not: Leslie Hope will reprise her role in an episode slated to air in mid-October (the same episode that will introduce Stephanie Jacobsen as DiNozzo's new love interest). The episode, appropriately titled "Choke Hold," finds the team investigating the bizarre strangling of a Navy research scientist. Hmm, sounds like the kind of case SecNav can really get her hands around!

Although I love Jaime on Outlander, Claire has an intriguing chemistry with her husband's evil ancestor, "Black Jack" Randall. What can you tell me about him? — Val
Soon we'll see Claire leave Castle Leoch to visit the surrounding lands, where she'll encounter more English redcoats. And where we find redcoats, we'll find Jack. He'll have a little heart-to-heart with the pretty time traveler that will reveal just how sick, twisted and sadistic he can be. A word of advice: Don't eat before you watch! On a lighter note, expect to see a couple familiar faces — author Diana Gabaldon and series creator Ron Moore — at a lively gathering on Saturday's episode. There will be tartans, booze and bagpipes aplenty!

What can you say about the new season of Nashville? —
Rayna will have to say an emotional goodbye to someone close to her early in Season 3. No, we're not talking about Luke or Deacon, but Rayna's sister, Tandy! As Connie Britton first hinted on Instagram, Tandy will depart the show when she decides to take a job at a nonprofit in San Francisco in an effort to finally step out of her father's and sister's shadows once and for all. Can she take Teddy with her?

I still can't believe Mindy and Danny are going to be together this season on
 The Mindy Project. Are they gonna last this time? — Samantha
Unfortunately, the happy couple will hit a snag early in the season when Mindy learns that... Danny isn't technically divorced! While that naturally creates a big speed bump in their romantic relationship, it also strains their working one. After all, Danny's ownership in their practice could be at stake in his divorce settlement. Talk about a buzzkill!

What's happening on The Goldbergs this season?  Jennifer
You heard about Ana Gasteyer guest-starring as drama teacher Miss Cinoman, right? She'll work closely with Adam as he preps his audition for the school musical. But when the outcome isn't quite what Adam had in mind, Miss Cinoman (and the principal!) will land squarely in the crosshairs of — who else? — Mama Bear Beverly. Anyone want to take bets on when Adam will have to change schools?

I need more Suits scoop after that ending!  Whitney
As if Jessica and Malone didn't have trust issues already, their no-longer-down-low romance will become even more fraught now that Louis knows about Mike. "Jessica and Malone in [Episode] 11 will be dealing with the consequences of that professionally first and foremost, which will affect their relationship in the future. It's a big toll," executive producer Aaron Korsh teases. And no, Malone has definitely not forgotten about Louis asking him for help in Episode 9. "That plays heavily into how Malone reacts and what he wants to do."

Graceland has been great this season, but I miss seeing everyone in the house together. — Gina 
Don't worry, Gina. Although having everyone scattered to the four winds can be frustrating, Daniel Sunjata promises it will be worth it."These things that seem a little bit disparate and only barely tangential, they are all actually very related," he says. "[The plots] will become more focused and more clear. There will be more group scenes, and we will see these various plot threads begin to dovetail more intensely as we approach the season finale."

How will About a Boy keep going now that Will is living 3,000 miles away in New York? — Mark
Although Will is still living in the Big Apple when the series returns for Season 2, he will soon find himself back in San Francisco. The reason? One of his friends learns there is a baby on the way. Naturally, Fiona will get involved, offering her doula services to the happy couple.

Mega Rave: While his win was a bit of a shock, I couldn't be happier that the TV Academy decided to honor Bryan Cranston one last time for his stunning work during Breaking Bad's homestretch. It's OK, McConaughey — just keep livin'.
Mini Rant: It's a shame Weird Al squandered all his recent chart-topping success with that painful-to-watch TV theme songs bit at the Emmys.   

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