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I'm sad that this is going to be the final season of True Blood. Do you have anything to make me feel better? — Carrie
Yes, but it may not make you feel better. When the HBO drama returns, the Hep-V-infected vampires that were poised to attack Bon Temps arrive and the bloodbath quickly ensues. Unfortunately, the casualties are not just redshirts. In fact, one character's fate is so jaw-dropping that you'll spend the rest of the episode wondering if what you just watched was a dream. It's not, which clearly means all bets are off in this final season.

Anything on Falling Skies— Deon
As the trailer implied, Tom and Anne's daughter Alexis has gone through some very interesting changes — including suddenly looking like a Daenerys Targaryen knock-off. The human-alien hybrid says she believes in peace, but can she really be trusted? Also, with Alexis separated from her parents when the season begins, Tom will look to a past ally for help being reunited with his family.  

I need some Sleepy Hollow scoop, ASAP! — Carlton
Remember when the producers said that the team would create a creature to combat Headless? Well, that creature now has a name! The new monster, which will be built using Headless' head, will be called "The Kindred," according to executive producer Roberto Orci. "It's sort of a doppelganger of someone you might've seen," he says of the creation. "Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire."

Whoa, Savi totally lost the baby on Mistresses— Kendall 
Crazy, right? And though it seems like Savi (and the show) has skipped past the pain, the loss of the baby will still play a significant part in the season, executive producer Rina Mimoun says. "It [affects] the choices that she's making this year," she says. "We do get to the point where we see what Savi has been pushing down in regards to the loss of the baby. ... So, it doesn't feel like you just missed it entirely."  

Barbie survives on Under the Dome, right? — Steven 
Given that the last time we saw Barbie he was thisclose to being hanged in front of the residents of Chester's Mill, things aren't looking great. But, just for you, I will officially cross him off the list of those dying in the premiere. (Junior refuses to hang him! Shhhh!)  However, given the new problems headed Barbie's way — you might find a clue here — he might wish he was dead.

Is Jane really pregnant on Rizzoli & Isles— Harrison 
Yup, and she's trying to keep it a secret. But that won't last too long when someone in her inner circle figures out that she's with child and confirms it with Maura. "Jane is still figuring out how to handle this," executive producer Jan Nash says. "But she's definitely pregnant. We didn't want to throw that out there and not go through with it. Will she keep [the baby]? That's a different question."

Any Caroline-Stefan scoop to hold me over until The Vampire Diaries returns? — Layla
Well, Paul Wesley certainly didn't mince words when my colleague Robyn Ross asked him what he was hoping for between the duo next season! "I think they should just have sex," he says. "Get it out of the way and see how it goes." Hot vampire sex? Why not! 

Will Amaro really not be part of the squad next season on Law & Order: SVU— Dave
. He'll be slumming it as a beat cop when the show returns in the fall. But never fear: While he may not get his old job back right away, he will very quickly be called on to lend the 16th Precinct a hand. 

If the new season of Major Crimes is focusing more on Fritz, is there any chance we will see The Closer's Brenda Leigh Johnson? — Michelle 
It doesn't look likely at the moment. But even if Kyra Sedgwick is unable to put in a guest appearance, the show will feature a story line that hinges on Brenda's character. "Brenda is offered a job in Washington," creator James Duff says. "[She and Fritz] have to decide whether or not he's going to move there with her or if they're going to pursue a long-distance relationship for a while." 

Should I be worried about Mike's new secretary on Suits— Tate 
Well, executive producer Aaron Korsh does call Amy "his Donna." The two have a very easygoing chemistry — and already rib each other on lunch orders — but it doesn't sound like she even has to try to be a third wheel. "There are quite a few bumps for [Mike and Rachel]," Korsh says, ominously adding that he has "decided for sure" whether or not the pair — whom he had wanted to break up last season — will split this year. 

So happy Beauty and the Beast is back! But what's going to happen now that Cat's been kidnapped? — Maria
Why worry? We all know how resourceful Detective Chandler is! Of course, it doesn't hurt that Vincent returns from being on the lam to look for her. And it sounds like her kidnapping will have long-reaching consequences. "We find out who the guys that have taken her are early in the episode, but they're not who they seem," Kristin Kreuk teases. "The episode [sets] the groundwork for what the show will be more like in Season 3."

I still can't believe Atwater got promoted over Burgess on Chicago P.D.! Will we see less of her next season? — Amy
On the contrary! You'll see plenty of Burgess as she once again navigates working with a new partner. (Fortunately, executive producer Matt Olmstead hinted that he's looking for someone more permanent than that lazy loser Burgess was paired with in the season finale.) Hit the comments with your casting tips!

Mega Rave: Yes, the Mountain-Viper fight was horrifically awesome, but Arya laughing hysterically after learning that what's left of her family is dead was my everything on this week's Game of Thrones.

Mini Rant: Let the lawsuits from I Slept With a Celebrity begin!

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