Will she or won't she find out? That's the big question for Paige on The Americans' upcoming third season, but it is just as apt for poor, oblivious Martha (Alison Wright).

Martha will have a "big year," executive producer Joel Fields tells TVGuide.com, as she and Clark (Matthew Rhys) deal with very real problems in their very fake marriage.

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"The four documented cases that we know the history of, three of the women who were married to KGB officers, when they were confronted by the police after many, many years of marriage and found out about it, within 24 hours, committed suicide," Fields ominously teases. "One of them simply wouldn't accept it and never accepted it."

Hey, Martha did get that gun last season. But whether she pulls that trigger, you can look forward to a death early in the season that will make your bones hurt.

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