Michael Weatherly, Ellen Pompeo, Jon Hamm Michael Weatherly, Ellen Pompeo, Jon Hamm

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Got any scoop on the "kid from Baltimore" story line on NCIS? — Maddie, via Twitter
Word on the "kid" is that he's a boy Tony once saved from a fire many years ago. Unfortunately, not all of his family members made it out alive, which drove him to become an arson investigator. Look for him to be reunited with Tony when a string of fires leave the Baltimore cops stumped and in need of some federal input.

Tell me more about the Grey's Anatomy season finale, now. — Max 
It'll be the moment fans have been waiting for since the interns first set foot in Seattle Grace: the end of residencies. Who will stay and who will go? (This is a particularly nerve-racking question in a year when contracts are up for most of the cast.) Tensions will of course be high, which might explain why Shonda Rhimes tells us that this year's finale will be nowhere near as quiet as last year's.

I need Mad Men intel. March 25 can't come soon enough! — Trish
At the risk of having someone poison my Old Fashioned (hic!), I can only offer one tasty aperitif. (Bigger spoilers will only ruin your appetite!) At a hilariously weird party, an increasingly important character will show off a secret talent in a very sexy (and very public) way. Bad news: He or she isn't even that drunk. Worse news: It leaves the guest of honor mortified.

Will Stefan now turn into a good guy on The Vampire Diaries? —Jaime
He's sure going to try! He'll even fight through finding out that Damon still has a thing for Elena. "There's a slow acceptance of the fact that they're both in love with the same girl," Paul Wesley says. "Oddly enough, it's making them have some sort of a camaraderie." Then again, you will see the return of the Ripper this week.

I'm really rooting for Lanie and Esposito to get back together on Castle. What do you know about that? — Nicky
You'll probably enjoy Beckett and Lanie's upcoming girls' night! Tamala Jones tells us the episode will reveal what it was in Lanie's past that turned her against marriage and spooked her into breaking things off with Esposito. Perhaps reliving the bad will lead to good things down the line. "We're talking about Castle and we're talking about Esposito, and I think that's a good segue into rekindling or figuring out why Esposito and Lanie didn't work," Jones says.

What's coming up on Once Upon a Time? —Chris
Mary Margaret won't be the only one behind bars. Lest we forget, Prince Charming ran away from the kingdom, and even though he helped Abigail reunite with her golden lover, King George won't be so forgiving. "King George takes him, so he's locked away in fairytale land," Josh Dallas teases. "He's going to have to do some fighting to get out."

I would love some Criminal Minds finale spoilers! — Terry
I'm hearing the episode — which will include a wedding! — is actually a two-parter that deals with a bank robbery gone bad. (Really, has a robbery ever gone well on TV?) When the hot-headed thief's brother is killed during the heist, his quest for revenge leads him to hold everyone in the bank hostage. Geez, man, there has to be an easier way to score an invite to the wedding!

Please tell me Justin Long will return to New Girl. Thanks! —Elisabeth
He will. You're welcome. But don't expect a reconciliation with Jess. Well, they will sleep together, but it turns out that this time Jess is — gasp! — the other woman.

So where did Ted move to on How I Met Your Mother? His house in Westchester? — Lisa
That place is still under renovation. Let's just say his temporary pad drastically reduces his work commute and offers him plenty of new neighbors. Still, it's not ideal, so watch for Ted and Robin to throw down over Quinn's apartment after she and Barney announce they're moving in together.

I can't wait for Royal Pains to return! Is Dr. Paul Van Dyke (Kyle Howard) really going to be the new Hank of Hank Med? —Mindy
Not quite. Although Evan was seen knocking on Paul's door in the final moments of Season 3, he will hire another doctor who has some serious people problems. Paging Dr. Hank!

Now that Homeland has announced a Season 2 premiere date, I think it's time to start dishing!
Morena Baccarin confirms that there will be a time-jump between seasons, and she's hoping her character will be in a happier place, despite Brody's new political career, when the drama returns. "I think it's going to be a challenge," she says. "I think she embraced it in order to be there for him, which is something she wants and believes is best for the family." She may also get wise to Brody's double life. "I think it makes sense that she catches on a little or at least suspects something is going on," Baccarin says.

Now that Melanie is no longer dating Dutch on Breaking In, is there finally hope for her and Cam to get together? — Sam
There will be wedding bells coming up for Cameron, but they won't be for him and his longtime crush. Instead, Cameron will tie the knot with another Contra Security employee. Unfortunately for the newly wedded couple, an immigration officer will be hot on their trail to prove the union is a sham. But is it?

Natalie's Mega Rave: Someone grab me a thermometer because I think I feel McPheever coming on! Katharine McPhee totally nailed Florence + the Machine's "Shake It Out" on Monday's Smash with a perfect blend of carefree innocence and showmanship.

Adam's Mini Rant:
Two weeks in, and America has already blown it. I didn't love Jeremy Rosado, but there is no reason for Shannon Magrane to still be in the running on American Idol.

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