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How will Bree fare in the trial on Desperate Housewives? — Whitney
It should come as no surprise that Bree will start to fall for her lawyer (Scott Bakula), which could compromise her case in more ways than one.

Now that Diane has approved a raise for Alicia, is she going to get her old house back on The Good Wife? — Shannon
She will certainly try in this week's episode, which features several flashbacks to the Florricks' best and worst times in the house, including the morning after Peter's infamous press conference, when Alicia braced the kids for life after the scandal. But it won't be easy to reclaim her space. There will be another interested party, and trust us, it's not who you — or Alicia —suspects at all.

How long will Bonnie be mad at Elena for causing her mother to turn on The Vampire Diaries? —Michelle
Elena's actions may have led to Abby's transformation, but she certainly didn't plan for it to happen! Ultimately, Bonnie will understand that, but perhaps not as well as Caroline. "Caroline realizes she's made decisions that have affected people's lives, so she's not one to judge Elena for having to make big decisions, whether they turned out well or not," Candice Accola tells us. "We'll definitely see more beautiful friend moments as the season comes to a conclusion."

Is Quinn the mystery bride at Barney's wedding on How I Met Your Mother? — Mark
Depending on how you interpret this bit of news, I'd say it's a strong maybe! In the finale — you know, the one where we're supposed to learn with whom Barney's swapping vows —Barney and Quinn face off with airport security when Barney refuses to open a metal box in his luggage. There must be something pretty important (and perhaps sparkly?) in that box, no?

Got any scoop on Glee? — Debra
We haven't seen the last of tough-talking synchronized swimming coach Roz (Nene Leakes). While details of her return are being kept under wraps, we hear it'll be in April.

What's coming up for Sweets and Daisy on Bones? — Jenny
We can confirm that Daisy will appear in the show's April 2 episode, and she comes down with a little baby fever after meeting the mini-Bones. But we don't think a baby is in the cards for these two. In fact we're hearing that Sweets will be paired up with an acerbic, fresh-out-of-the-academy FBI agent who might not keep things exactly professional with her new partner.

What's coming up on True Blood this season? — Gina
The fifth season will feature a flashback to the 1930s that will show us the fate of Bill's daughter Sarah (aka Portia Bellefleur's great-great-great-grandmother — ick). Appropriately, Bill Compton himself — that is, Stephen Moyer — is stepping behind the camera to direct the episode.

What can you tell me about what's next on NCIS? — Tyler
Oh, you know, just another day of saving the entire country! The team will be called in to work closely with the Chief of Naval Operations to stop an imminent attack against the U.S. They'll also be collaborating with an eccentric businessman whose son was killed in a terrorist bombing. He must be quite an asset: I hear he will recur this season and possibly next.

The car chase scene in the Alcatraz finale looks awesome. What can you tell us about the Tommy-Rebecca showdown? — Samuel
Prior to the big car chase — which has been likened to Steve McQueen's Bullitt (see awesome clip here) — Rebecca and Diego will discover more about Tommy's involvement in the bigger mystery, which will be the catalyst for the desperate hunt to track him down. More importantly, Ray's change of heart about Tommy will be explained.

I'm really loving Awake. Got any teases for me? — Jared
Michael's dual realities will work together in a way that puts him on the trail of a serial killer who everyone — including the FBI profiler who followed him for 12 years — thought was dead. In an effort to find out just how Michael cracked a previously uncrackable case, the killer starts digging into Michael's private life and uncovers a deep-dark secret.

Thanks for the Breaking In scoop. What else can we look forward to? —Kathryn
Is Christian Slater dusting off his black trench coat? Because it looks like the show will be paying homage to one of our favorite movies in an upcoming episode titled "Heathers." This time, the Heather in question is an old friend of Veronica's (get it?) who shows up to help Contra Security. But you must have had a brain tumor for breakfast if you think her motives are pure. Winona Ryder, call your agent! We have just the karmic part for you.

I miss Sons of Anarchy. Now that Gemma's left Clay, might she have a new boyfriend this season? — Jessica
Katey Sagal is certainly campaigning for a new man. "She's going to be loose, a free woman for a while, hopefully [with] a nice younger man," she says with a laugh. Unfortunately, it won't be Unser, who has pined for Gemma since Day 1. But that doesn't mean Gemma won't get involved with someone we already know. "I don't think Tig and Gemma have ever hooked up, [but] there's always been an attraction, executive producer Kurt Sutter says. "Tig has been the third wheel for a lot of years, but I think there is that connection with the two of them."

Natalie's Mega Rave: It was the moment I waited nearly an entire season for — Lucy finally woke up from her coma on Alcatraz — and it was a fun, clever eye-opening nod to Lost. It is a J.J. Abrams show, after all. Let's just hope Fox wakes up, too, and renews the series.

Adam's Mini Rant: Really, Desperate Housewives? That was your send-off for Mike Delfino? I know life on the Lane must go on, but couldn't the ladies have forgotten about themselves for just one day?

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(Additional reporting by Robyn Ross and Kate Stanhope)