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Do you guys have some Calleigh/Eric CSI: Miami spoilers? — Janice
ADAM: Remember how we told you that Calleigh and Eric would make a decision about their future once and for all before the season ends? Standing in the way of them choosing eternal bliss is Calleigh's Season 6 love interest, Jake Berkeley (Johnny Whitworth), who will reappear later this season. More intriguing, Berkeley will be connected to Horatio's big betrayal, which Delko uncovers. "It's explosive emotionally and it's explosive literally," co-executive producer Barry O'Brien tells us. "It's very dramatic and it's something you've never seen before on CSI: Miami."

When will Angie's terrible storyline end on Desperate Housewives? — Teresa
MICKEY: Angie will be around through the season finale. The same can't be said for Bree, who'll be winging off to Louisiana on a mysterious fact-finding mission. I think it's safe to say that we won't see her stumbling down Bourbon Street clutching a half-empty Hurricane, but her trip won't be entirely devoid of local flavor either. Laissez les bon temps rouler, Bree!

I need scoop on Zack's return to Bones. — Jessica
ADAM: I hope this isn't too disappointing, but the reappearance of Zack (Eric Millegan) in the show's 100th episode on April 9 is only in flashbacks. Interestingly, we learn that Zack and Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) weren't always buds, which explains why one of the two clubs the other with a baseball bat.

Will Peter being from "over there" get in the way of the Peter-Olivia lovey-doveyness we saw before the Fringe hiatus? — Paige
MICKEY: Um, yeah! Olivia is very angry, and Walter has a lot of explaining to do. In the meantime, whatever "glimmer" exists between the pair will have to wait. In fact, don't expect to see Joshua Jackson at all for a while.

What can you tell me about the new CBI boss on The Mentalist? — Vera
ADAM: Though Agent Hightower is a tough cookie, don't expect another desk-pounding bureaucrat. This bodes well for Patrick Jane. "Her relationship with Jane is one of respect," Aunjanue Ellis tells us. "He's not just an annoyance or someone she has to take down a peg or two. She's really fascinated by him." Bad news for Lisbon: Hightower feels the opposite way about her.

Is it true that on The Good Wife, both Cary and Alicia are losing their jobs? — Jess
MICKEY: I'm hearing about a pink slip — singular. But the still-employed attorney should still watch out for the dearly departed. He or she won't go quietly.

Does Castle have any plans to explore who Castle's real father is? — Mandy
ADAM: I asked creator Andrew W. Marlowe the same thing, and he said yes, but not for a while. "That's a fun, delicious mystery and not one we're looking to solve anytime soon," Marlowe says. "When we touched upon it this year, one of the things we learned is that Castle is fine having it as a mystery, so he's not seeking it out. But I think if we're on long enough, we'll have the opportunity to explore it." (As if they were listening, ABC just green-lit a third season.)

Are Big Bang Theory's Leonard and Penny really breaking up? — Katie
MICKEY: I'm a romantic at heart (no, not really), but believe me, I am sad to report that they are totally Splitsville. The good news? Not even Len-Pen will be able to resist the storied allure of sex with the ex.

How about some scoop on Stargate Universe? — Aled
ADAM: When the show returns this Friday, the team's internal struggles following Dr. Rush's disappearance will take a back seat — because the Destiny crew will have its first encounter with some hostile creatures. "They're not that happy that we have invaded their corner of the universe," David Blue tells us. Blue also hints that at least one member of the team is held captive on the aliens' ship, and that the rescue mission will hold plenty of surprises for Col. Young.

Whose FlashForward flash-forward will we see next? — Kang
MICKEY: As last week's episode indicated, Charlie's flash-forward plays a surprisingly big role in the investigation. "The information Charlie has is so powerful that it forces a crisis between Olivia and Mark," Sonya Walger says. "Olivia offers him an ultimatum that he can't live up to."

What do you know about In Plain Sight? — Jeanne
ADAM: Marshall will be wracked with guilt over Mary's shooting and make it his mission to find the shooter. (Also: Mary's mom will show a rare emotional side in dealing with her daughter's recovery.) Meanwhile, Mary is back on the job, trying to prove the innocence of one of her witnesses (Donnie Wahlberg) after a big-rig robbery that seems in line with his former M.O.

Will anything surprise us about Nurse Jackie's second season? — Len
MICKEY: Well, would it surprise to learn that a series regular will soon reveal his or her same-sex interest — in a most touching manner?

Adam's Mega Rave: Kudos to Breaking Bad on this season's introduction of The Cousins. Watching these ax-wielding assassins stalk down Walt's hallway while he cluelessly sings "A Horse with No Name" in the shower had me on the edge of my seat. I have a feeling that's a place I'm going to become comfortable this season.

Mickey's Mini Rant: On this week's 24, Dana Walsh demonstrated how best to communicate with your terrorist co-conspirators when in a room full of professional intelligence operatives: Just use a Bluetooth headset and say things under your breath! Nobody will hear you.

Reader Quote of the Week: "Hopefully coming up with the content of the episode took more effort than the title." — c0rinne, upon learning that the final episode of Lost is titled "The End"

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