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I need to know more about Delko's undercover investigation of the lab on CSI: Miami. What's he going to find? — Marshall
ADAM: "That investigation will reveal the most dramatic betrayal in Horatio Caine's career," co-executive producer Barry O'Brien tells us. "It puts Horatio in a light we've never seen him in before, questioning the loyalties of his team. ... It will rock the fabric of the team and threaten at least one — if not more — CSI's future." Hmm, maybe that's the reason Delko will be back full-time next season.

Will Dixon and Silver ever get back together on 90210? — Dana
MICKEY: For now, Dixon and Silver are dunzo, if only because Dixon will be busy (mentally, anyway) when his birth mother shows up in Beverly Hills, and Silver will be preoccupied with whether new beau Teddy is as much of a player as he seems. (Answer: Duh, yes.) Plus: Ivy will help Naomi with an unexpected project, Navid will get into some unexpected trouble, and Ade will be tempted by wine, women and song.

Any news on Reid coming up for Criminal Minds?  He's been off to the side for most of this season. — Gersh
ADAM: That's what tends to happen when an actor wrecks his knee in real life, Gersh. Fortunately, Matthew Gray Gubler tells us he is finally off his crutches, but Reid will not be ready to return to the field for quite a while. In the meantime, he'll direct the March 3 episode, which focuses on a child abductor. "We got some of the most talented children I've ever seen act," Gubler says.

So we've been hearing a lot about Michael's return to Lost. But what about Waaaaaaalt? — Karen
We asked Harold Perrineau if the rumor of a Michael-Walt reunion was true. "It is not true as of this moment," he told us. Another source, though, says that since young Malcolm David Kelley is, like, 7 feet tall now, producers are going to have to explain Walt's fate through others' stories. Remember that kid who just showed up in the clearing last week?

What's next for Justin and Rebecca after losing the baby on Brothers & Sisters? — Krista
ADAM: Rebecca resorts to lying when Justin just doesn't understand her need to deal with the trauma in her own way. Ultimately, it's Justin's experiences as an addict that will help Rebecca when she hits bottom.

Let me ask this Vampire Diaries question directly: Who is Elena's mother? — Tanya
MICKEY: Wouldn't you like to know? So would Elena, which is why she looks up some of Mommie Dearest's old friends. But rather than welcome Elena and regale her with stories about the time they did body shots off the lifeguard in Rosarita, they turn out to be a wily, suspicious bunch, and they smell the vervain on Elena a mile away.

Any Lie to Me scoop on Lightman and Foster? — Melissa
ADAM: To the chagrin of 'shippers everywhere, Foster is going to shack up with a former DEA agent named David Burns. Lightman, however, will have to put any jealousy he might feel aside when Burns is abducted by a drug dealer holding a grudge. Lightman helps find Burns for two reasons: He cares about Foster and he learns that the abduction is partially his fault.

The previews for the second half of FlashForward look awesome! Is Dimitri (John Cho) really a potential bad guy, as the promos suggest? — Craig
MICKEY: I wouldn't call him a "bad guy" just yet. My mole tells me that Dmitri's story is meant to symbolize the intersection of fate and free will. Thus far, his death has been a foregone conclusion; future episodes will show the FBI agent investigating how he might change his destiny. Right off the bat, he'll make a drastic decision that's meant to test his ability to manipulate future events.

I need some Damages scoop! — Tyler
ADAM: Next week marks the third season's midpoint, and it's chock-full of goodies. Julian Decker (Keith Carradine) returns to wooing Patty. The Sopranos' Dominic Chianese shows up as Stuart Zedeck, the man who may be able to help Joe Tobin access his father's hidden money. Most importantly, the episode finally starts to connect the separate stories of the Tobins and Tom's death.

Will Ryan and Cate tie the knot on Life Unexpected? — Maggie
MICKEY: My spy tells me that there's a wedding planned for the end of the season, but that it probably won't happen as planned. For now, the producers would be nuts to extinguish the fiery Ryan-Cate-Baze triangle this early on in the show's run. But it will be a beautiful wedding, especially for two lucky, unwitting guests.

As much as I love Jeri Ryan, I have really missed seeing Gina Bellman on Leverage this season. When will she be back on the show full time? — Mike
ADAM: Now that Bellman has had her baby (congrats!), viewers can expect to see Sophie back in full swing when the show kicks off its third season later this year. But don't rule out a possible return for Ryan's Tara. "Our hope is to have her come back at least for a couple episodes," executive producer Dean Devlin says. "I think... her character will be so etched in the lore of our show that the fans will want to see that character reoccur."

Any Chuck scoop? — Mary Ann
MICKEY: I have a series of teases: Someone gets fired. Someone has a child. Someone learns Chuck's secret. Someone (who's not a spy) will be in serious danger. Bonus tease: This season's Subway product placement will be less than subtle in the coming weeks. Hope you like banana peppers!

Mickey's Mega Rave: Sarah Paulson's guest spot on Grey's Anatomy as a young, stubborn Dr. Ellis Grey was a nice complement to Kate Burton's work as the older Ellis. A similarly hard-edged guest spot on Law & Order: SVU opposite Lost's Naveen Andrews also impressed. So when does Paulson get her own show? (Cupid didn't count.)

Adam's Mini Rant: Desperate Housewives, we get it — everyone's life affects the lives of others, whether you're a handyman, Edie Britt or a stripper with a heart of gold. Now get a new formula!

Reader Quote of the Week: Will it be called Shat My Dad Says? — Caseydog2212, on the news that William Shatner has been cast in this pilot

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